How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 07 2012

'... Baby One More Time' singer SPEARS
'Grease' singer VALLI
'Penny ___' LANE
'Put ___ on it!' ALID
'Shallow ___' (Jack Black film) HAL
'___ Child' (Margaret Atwood poem) ASAD
1992 Liv Ullmann film SOFIE
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
A/C meas BTU
Accepted as true BOUGHT
Actor Claude of 'Lobo' AKINS
Actress Mazar DEBI
Alma mater of presidents #41, 42 and 43 YALE
Alone, as a female on stage SOLA
Ammo that's still on the store shelf? SITTINGBULLET
Authorize ENTITLE
Avoid a scalping? ESCAPEHATCHET
Bad feeling in the pit of one's stomach? ULCER
Barber's job TRIM
Basketball shooting game HORSE
Bathroom fixture BIDET
Be admitted GETIN
Be constructive? ERECT
Before, in brief TIL
Belgian river to the North Sea YSER
Berlin article EINE
Big break SCHISM
Bind tightly TRUSS
Brand name on a waistband HANES
Brutus abettor CASCA
Caught SEEN
Challenging DEFYING
Christian of 'The Dark Knight Rises' BALE
Christmas purchase FIR
College in New Rochelle, N.Y IONA
Comprising MADEOF
Dancer Ginger ROGERS
Deep ravine GULCH
Did ordinary writing PROSED
Director Jean-___ Godard LUC
Downer, for short TRANQ
Dying words, in Shakespeare ETTU
Earth, in 'Independence Day'? PLANETOFATTACK
Eastern drama NOH
Excitement over some presidential selections? CABINETFEVER
For fear that LEST
Fort ___, Ontario ERIE
Frozen food brand SARALEE
Get excited PERKUP
Getting on the board SCORING
Go out for a while? NAP
Going (for) OPTING
Gold units: Abbr KTS
Golf round result EVENPAR
Good locale for adoptions? BIRTHMARKET
Good place to 91-Across HAMMOCK
Gumshoe TEC
Hangs out LOLLS
Have a loan from OWETO
He-man's nickname MUSCLES
Head-___ TOTOE
Highlanders GAELS
ID for a certain band member? TRUMPETCARD
Illustrator's shortcut CLIPART
Infant's shoe BOOTEE
It may be drawn at night BATH
Jump on the ice TOELOOP
Kick the bucket CROAK
Kind of exercise AEROBIC
Last ride? HEARSE
Lights up SMOKES
Like wide belts, fashionwise RETRO
Little victory celebration HIGHFIVE
Lump in the throat TONSIL
Many-banded displays? PARADES
Minnesota Fats's player in 'The Hustler' GLEASON
Moundsman Dave STIEB
Move up, as an eyebrow ARCH
Mysterious figure YETI
Namibia neighbor ANGOLA
Of ___ (somewhat) ASORT
Old AMC car that came fully loaded? HORNETOFPLENTY
One rummaging RIFLER
Orch. section STR
People wear masks in this: Abbr NHL
Pitchers EWERS
Play to ___ ATIE
Playground retort ISNOT
Providing of questions for answers on 'Jeopardy!,' e.g FORMAT
Remnants TRACES
Renowned EMINENT
Rodeo rope REATA
Root word? OLE
Runner's unit MILE
Sackcloth material HEMP
Salon worker STYLIST
Salsa ingredient CHIPOTLE
Scrape SKIN
Show, quickly DEMO
Some bleating? RACKETOFLAMB
Some herbs BASILS
Some Millers LITES
Something to milk for all its worth? UDDER
Something to seek in court DAMAGES
Sports car option TTOP
Sticking point? QUAGMIRE
Strainers SIEVES
Striped safari sight OKAPI
Sufficient AMPLE
Summer hrs. in Denver MDT
Take a fresh look at RETHINK
Tellies TVSETS
Things used during crunch time? ABS
Third of three choices MAYBE
Took off, as a bird FLEWUP
Use a futuristic mode of transit TELEPORT
Vladimir of Russia PUTIN
Windy City trains ELS
Wrap up SWATHE
Writer Ernie PYLE
___ hours OFFICE
___ Khan (villain in 'The Jungle Book') SHERE
___ latte CAFFE
___ pork (Asian dish) MOOSHU
___-my-thumb HOPO
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