How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 06 2009

'Comin' ___ the Rye' THRO
'I don't want to hear about it!' SPAREME
'Seven Samurai' director Kurosawa AKIRA
'The Lord of the Rings' baddie ORC
'The Lord ___ shepherd ...' ISMY
'This tastes horrible!' YECCH
'___ approved' (motel sign) AAA
'___ Lama Ding Dong,' 1961 hit for the Edsels RAMA
Actress Winona RYDER
All-Star Danny who played for the 1980s Celtics AINGE
Arctic or Antarctic POLAR
Aware, with 'in' CLUED
Baseball summary inits. RHE
Best-selling author Bret Easton ___ ELLIS
Boat in 'Jaws' ORCA
Burned ceremonially IMMOLATED
Butterfly catchers' needs NETS
Capital of Zambia? ZEE
Captain for 40 days and nights NOAH
Carney of 'The Honeymooners' ART
Catch some Z's DOZE
Cheese sold in red paraffin EDAM
Christine's lover in 'The Phantom of the Opera' ERIK
Circus stick STILT
Command to a person holding a deck of cards DEAL
Cowboy star Lash, who taught Harrison Ford how to use a bullwhip LARUE
Crazedly AMOK
Escape clauses, e.g. OUTS
Expensive fur SABLE
First anti-AIDS drug AZT
Freshen, as a stamp pad REINK
German admiral Maximilian von ___ SPEE
Goddess of discord ERIS
Golfer Isao AOKI
Lake ___, created by Hoover Dam MEAD
Marks with graffiti TAGS
Mirth GLEE
Moves back, as a hairline RECEDES
Narrowly spaced, as the eyes CLOSESET
Necessary: Abbr. REQD
Not 'neath OER
One of about 100 billion in the human brain NEURON
Onetime science magazine OMNI
Only common word in the English language with the consecutive letters MPG CAMPGROUND
Pair of lenses SPECS
Pairs DUOS
Paper purchase REAM
PC platform released in 1982 MSDOS
Perform really badly STINK
Philosopher with a 'razor' OCCAM
Really ticked IRED
Right-hand man for a man with no right hand SMEE
Romance/suspense novelist Tami HOAG
Rub out ERASE
Rubble, e.g. DETRITUS
Tankful GAS
The 'L' in L.A. LOS
The middle part of 44-Down HITS
Trick RUSE
Tucker out TIRE
Walloped but good KAYOED
What colors may do in hot water BLEED
What Evita asked Argentina not to do for her CRY
Wild animal track SPOOR
Zen Buddhism, e.g. SECT
___ lily SEGO
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