How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 06 1999

'Common Sense' pamphleteer PAINE
'That's amazing!' GEE
'Yay, team!' RAH
'___ hungry I could...' IMSO
(0,0) on a graph ORIGIN
45 inches ELL
Acid in proteins AMINO
Adam's madam EVE
Affirmative AYE
Alec's 'Star Wars' role OBIWAN
Ancient letters RUNES
Arctic floaters FLOES
Artful Dodger REESE
Attorneys' filings LEGALBRIEFS
Back-pocket bulge WALLET
Batter's stat. RBI
Before now AGO
Buddy who played Barnaby EBSEN
Celestial altar ARA
Chekhov's first play IVANOV
Comics orphan DONDI
Curl one's lip SNEER
Detective novelist John Dickson ___ CARR
Ed Norton's field of work SEWERAGE
Enjoys a bagel, maybe NOSHES
Exit one's cocoon EMERGE
Farsi speaker IRANI
Fit for a king REGAL
Fred's dancing partner ADELE
Frontier judge Bean ROY
Furrier's offering ERMINE
Galilee's land ISRAEL
Hall-of-Famer Hubbard CAL
Hide-hair link NOR
Hit a low note? MOOED
In other words IDEST
In the style of ALA
Insured's contribution COPAY
Justice Frankfurter FELIX
King Kong's kin APES
Kyoto cash YEN
Lady-killer LOTHARIO
Legendary baseball exec Bill VEECK
Letters in cyberspace EMAIL
Lie at rest REPOSE
Log cabin President ABE
Loop loopers ELS
Loose-limbed LITHE
Makeshift money SCRIP
Maneuver slowly EASE
Most Three Stooges films TWOREELSHORTS
Nobel Prize economist Lawrence KLEIN
One-named folk singer ODETTA
Overindulgent one DOTER
Pasta-maker's wheat DURUM
Pentagon bigwigs BRASS
Physicist Niels BOHR
Played over RERAN
Port on the Loire NANTES
Prizm maker GEO
Public images PERSONAS
Rushed headlong TORE
Sunblock letters SPF
Update, as a story RETELL
Upper hand EDGE
Vaudevillian Foy EDDIE
Wall St. figure ARB
Winger of the screen DEBRA
Winter air quality NIP
___ buco OSSO
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