How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 05 1998

'Ben-___' HUR
'Git!' SHOO
'Mamma ___!' MIA
'Puzzle by Peter Gordon,' e.g. BYLINE
'Silas Marner' novelist ELIOT
'Stars and Stripes Forever' composer SOUSA
1988 Olympic gold-medal swimmer Kristin OTTO
80's-90's singer Baker ANITA
Actor Vigoda ABE
Actress Lollobrigida GINA
Arafat's org. PLO
Big dud FLOP
Brazilian city RIO
Breach of secrecy LEAK
Butter substitute OLEO
Came down to earth ALIT
Car with a bar LIMO
Carson's successor LENO
Ceases HALTS
Computer operators USERS
Corrida cry OLE
Counting everything INALL
Deep chasm ABYSS
Excellent, in modern slang PHAT.
First word in a fairy tale ONCE
Full of excitement AGOG
Future attorney's exam: Abbr. LSAT
Giant slugger Mel OTT
Gout spot TOE
Grammy winner Fitzgerald ELLA
Greek philosopher of paradox fame ZENO
His art is a wrap CHRISTO
Hornet's home NEST
Houston university RICE
Israeli natives SABRAS
It gives an artist backing EASEL
Italian salami city GENOA
John Lennon's wife YOKOONO
Kids' building playthings TINKERTOYS
Longs for DESIRES
Lyric poems ODES
Mountain lion PUMA
Neighbor of Fiji SAMOA
Not mass-produced TAILORMADE
Not prerecorded LIVE
Ocean debris FLOTSAM
Old gas brand ESSO
One of the Osmonds MARIE
Oodles LOTS
Oregon's capital SALEM
Out's partner OVER
Phrase spoken with a wave into a TV camera HIMOM
Pigs' digs STY
Poker player's payment ANTE
Poor woodcutter of folklore ALIBABA
Private instructors TUTORS
Proclamation EDICT
Prophetic sign OMEN
Queen's subject? SOLDIERANT
Rat fink STOOLIE
Round of applause HAND
Salad bar servers TONGS
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
Shirking working LAZY
Small telescopes SPYGLASSES
Soviet news agency TASS
State prisons PENS
Telly Savalas's lack HAIR
Tilt, as the head COCK
Tolkien creatures HOBBITS
Wetland MARSH
Wily SLY
Win for the underdog UPSET
Winnie-the-Pooh's creator AAMILNE
Yang's counterpart YIN
Young woman LASS
___ scampi SHRIMP
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