How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 03 2017

'Leave!' GOHOME
'Open wide!' SAYAH
'Psycho' mother NORMA
'To Kill a Mockingbird' author LEE
'With ___ luck ...' ANY
1986-2001 Earth orbiter MIR
A shady person may give off a bad one VIBE
Affirmative in 'Fargo' YAH
All over again ANEW
Banco de México money PESO
Bar habitué's order, with 'the' USUAL
Birth-related NATAL
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Catch at a rodeo LASSO
Cease-fire TRUCE
Channel for fumes DUCT
Concerning ASTO
Darlin' HON
Discussions that might lead to a treaty FORMALTALKS
Famed German hypnotist MESMER
Former piece of an ice shelf BERG
Had too much, briefly ODED
Humble dwelling HUT
Huskies' haul SLED
It holds four pecks BUSHELBASKET
Julius who sang 'Anywhere I Wander,' 1953 LAROSA
Kind of dish at a lab PETRI
Like some walls at Harvard IVIED
Linux forerunner UNIX
Liposculpture target FAT
Manager at a train depot STATIONAGENT
Master pilot ACE
Medal of Honor recipient WARHERO
Message that might start with '@' TWEET
Moist-eyed TEARY
NBC host Carson DALY
Neighbor of Bangladesh MYANMAR
Old-fashioned dagger SNEE
One might stare at the Sun BALTIMOREAN
Outback flock EMUS
Paris's ___ Palace ELYSEE
Parting word that's 80% vowels ADIEU
Places for crowns TEETH
Player who might tackle a wide receiver LINEBACKER
Plaza de toros cries OLES
Prefix with sex or cycle UNI
Really suffering, so to speak INHELL
Retort to a doubter IAMSO
River to the Caspian Sea VOLGA
Rock bands? STRATA
See 36-Across ISLAND
Served in blazing liquor FLAMBE
Set one's sights low THINKSMALL
Slightly off AMISS
Something to strive for IDEAL
Speedy SWIFT
Submarine sandwich meat HAM
Subsists GETSBY
Suffix in many ore names ITE
Tackles a black diamond trail, say SKIS
Touch in baseball TAG
Track shape OVAL
Tummy protrusion OUTIE
Tureen dipper LADLE
Water ___ (pond plant) LILY
What an insole helps support ARCH
Whitney and Shasta, for two: Abbr MTNS
Wiped out big-time ATEIT
With 38-Across, feature of an upscale kitchen ... or of 17-, 23-, 47- and 58-Across? CENTER
Writing in digital format ETEXT
[Har har!] YUK
___ Royal Highness HIS
___ Royal Highness HER
___ the line (obey) TOE
___-mo SLO
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