How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 03 2002

'Arabian Nights' menace ROC
'Love and Squalor' girl of literature ESME
'That was sure something!' MAN
'The Good Earth' wife OLAN
'The Wizard of Oz' actor LAHR
'You were saying ...' GOON
1980's White House name NANCY
Actress Andress URSULA
Attacks BESETS
Authority-defying dare MAKEME
Ball honoree DEB
Bank offering, for short IRA
Black cat, e.g. OMEN
Business, e.g. CLASS
Cheese ___ (snack) PUFFS
Columnist Smith LIZ
Consolidates MERGES
Cool FAN
Coup participant, e.g. USURPER
Destructive digger MOLE
Directions, part 2 RIGHTAND
Directions, part 3 STRAIGHTON
Disheartened cry ALACK
Elicited EDUCED
End of the directions TILLMORNING
Feminist Bella ABZUG
Figuring-out shout AHA
Fixes, as an instrument RETUNES
Fonzie's name for Richie's mom MRSC
French cathedral city RHEIMS
Fresh from the shower WET
Grace of 'Will & Grace' ADLER
Hidden mike WIRE
Italian busts, e.g. ARTE
James nicknamed 'Miss Peaches' ETTA
Lacking width and depth ONED
License issuer, for short FCC
Like lights on a Christmas tree STRUNG
Like prisons PENAL
Mason's burden HOD
Melodramatic cry WOEISME
Missouri River native OTOE
Nine-___ (some golf courses) HOLERS
Oft-heard word in a portrait studio CHEESE
One may be impounded STRAY
One of Argus's array EYE
Pampers rival LUVS
Persian Gulf emirate DUBAI
Personality part EGO
Prepare to drag-race REV
Producers of green eggs EMUS
Register transaction SALE
Same: Fr. MEME
See 17-Across PETERPAN
See 24-Across STOPS
See 39-Across LAND
Shade of blue SKY
Silk dress: Var. SAREE
Some are cooped up HENS
Spyri heroine HEIDI
Start of some directions by 49-Across SECONDTOTHE
Stationer's supply PENS
Sun block? CLOUD
Switch material BIRCH
Taster's choices MENU
They form when melted snow refreezes at roof edges ICEDAMS
Things to draw from WELLS
Took home NETTED
Tough tests ORALS
Trump TOP
Untrue NOTSO
Where enfants are educated ECOLE
William Shatner's '___War' TEK
With 43-Across, where the directions at 17-, 22-, 33- and 57-Across lead NEVERNEVER
With 9-Down, pickup points BUS
Young or little follower UNS
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