How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 01 2013

'I ___ you one' OWE
'Not gonna happen' IWONT
'Not my call' UPTOYOU
1943 penny material STEEL
Acknowledge as true COPTO
Admit openly AVOW
At any time EVER
B.A. part ARTS
Barber, at times SHAVER
Barely adequate SCANT
Basketball player who starred in 'Kazaam' ONEAL
Blanc or Brooks MEL
Blue-skinned race in 'Avatar' NAVI
British sailors LIMEYS
Cabo's peninsula BAJA
Caffeine-laden nuts KOLAS
Calls it quits DESISTS
Certain belly button INNIE
Comment made while crossing one's fingers IHOPE
Commoner PLEB
David of 'The Pink Panther' NIVEN
Experienced through another VICARIOUS
French pupil ELEVE
Grandpa on 'The Simpsons' ABE
Hawaiian dish POI
Hebrew month when Hanukkah starts KISLEV
Hundred Acre Wood resident OWL
Iams competitor ALPO
It might be bummed CIG
Item under a jacket, maybe VEST
Live it up REVEL
Make-out session spot LOVERSLANE
Medical directive LIVINGWILL
N.F.L. player with a black helmet RAVEN
Nefarious EVIL
No-show in a Beckett play GODOT
Often-maligned relative INLAW
One of the friends on 'Friends' MONICA
Past the expiration date BAD
Personal question? WHO
Pitchers' hitless games, in baseball slang NONOS
Place to hear fire and brimstone REVIVAL
Place with complimentary bathrobes SPA
Pole or Czech SLAV
Police stun gun TASER
Pronoun for Miss Piggy MOI
Rear half of a griffin LION
Reclined LAIN
Revolver with the letters N-E-W-S VANE
Richard Branson's airline company VIRGIN
Rodeway ___ INN
Roulette bet EVENS
See 18-Across MIGRATION
Shakespeare's Antonio and Bassanio, e.g VENETIANS
Ship sinker TORPEDO
Some Monopoly purchases: Abbr AVES
Speed skater's path OVAL
Spin, as an office chair SWIVEL
St. Peter was the first POPE
Suffix with meth- or prop- ANE
Tennessee team, for short VOLS
The first Mrs. Trump IVANA
Thing often of interest? DEBT
Tuxedo shirt button STUD
Washing machine contents LOAD
Weatherproofing stuff SEALANT
What you might buy a flight with MILES
With 50-Across, it's represented by 15 squares in an appropriate arrangement in this puzzle GEESE
With, on le menu AVEC
Words of encouragement NICEJOB
Writer Katherine ___ Porter ANNE
___ mind HIVE
___-garde AVANT
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