How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 01 2003

''Tis a pity' ALAS
'Dear old' guy DAD
'Help!' SOS
'i' lid DOT
'On This Night of a Thousand Stars' musical EVITA
'Viva Zapata!' star, 1952 BRANDO
'Who has an answer?' ANYBODY
'___ bad!' NOT
About INRE
Agrees to ACCEPTS
Approval YES
Aren't decisive WAFFLE
Becomes established SETSIN
Book after Joel AMOS
Bronchodilator's target ASTHMA
Card game with forfeits LOO
Caregivers, for short RNS
Colonial John ALDEN
Common Market letters EEC
Composer ___ von Webern ANTON
Digital feature TOE
Dumb ox GALOOT
Fast ones, for short SSTS
Full-price payers ADULTS
Fund-raising grps. PTAS
G-rated FAMILY
Gas station adjunct MART
Good earth LOAM
Grosse ___, Mich. POINTE
His or her follower OWN
How to see 'L.A. Law' INRERUNS
Intensifies, with 'up' AMPS
It follows a starter ENTREE
Knockoffs COPIES
Left-___ (southpaw) HANDER
List abbr. ETC
Livestock feeds STOVERS
Mauna ___ KEA
Misery WOE
Mother of Apollo LETO
New Mexico skiing locale TAOS
Of the flock LAIC
Oil source SHALE
Old station name ESSO
Prefix with gramme AERO
Prestigious magazine awards ELLIES
Put on ADD
Raison d'___ ETRE
Record DISC
Relating to tissue TELAR
Resembling ALA
Rich cakes, in Germany TORTEN
Riviera season ETE
Runny nose cause FLU
S.A.T. part MATH
Sandwich bread PITA
Sots' spots PUBS
Start of a counting-out rhyme EENY
Stepped in for another FILLEDONESSHOES
The Black Stallion, for one ARAB
They may be red ALERTS
Tote, slangily SCHLEP
Trip planner's aid ATLAS
Tuesday, in Tours MARDI
Turner city ATLANTA
Wynn and others EDS
Young ___ UNS
___ mater (brain cover) PIA
___ voce (softly) SOTTO
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