How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 01 1997

'...___ man put asunder' LETNO
'Critique of Practical Reason' writer KANT
'Go and catch a falling star' poet DONNE
'___ Indigo' MOOD
1929 Hemingway book, with 'A' FAREWELLTOARMS
1934 James Hilton novella GOODBYEMRCHIPS.
1950 Jean Simmons film SOLONGATTHEFAIR
50% HALF
Accompanying music SCORE
Accounting, e.g.: Abbr. DEPT
Arcade name ATARI
Auden's 'To My Pupils,' e.g. ODE
Avatar of Vishnu RAMA
Brainstorm IDEA
Car launched by an aeronautics company SAAB
Cartoonist Addams CHAS
Checked, as a computer program RERAN
Child, for one CHEF
Chinese: Prefix SINO
Citadel student CADET
Coffee bar order ESPRESSO
Colorado resort VAIL
Come up ARISE
Comic Bill, familiarly COS
Communion offering BREAD
Constructor of many dams: Abbr. TVA
Cruising ATSEA
Declaration MANIFESTO
Ear-related OTIC
European port OSLO
Fancy chopped liver PATE
Final Commandment TENTH
First name in horror films LON
First-year Harvard law student ONEL
Fuzzy fruit KIWIS
God, in Roma DIO
Good, long bath SOAK
Groupings ARRAYS
Guys' dates GALS
Had the bug AILED
Heavenly hunter ORION
K-O bridge LMN
Lengthen EXTEND
Maine college town ORONO
Mostly Mozart, for one FESTIVAL
Oktoberfest draft BIER
Old dance sites BARNS
Philanthropist Wallace and others LILAS
Play the part ACT
Ponce's birthplace LEON
Pub order BECKS.
Put down ABASE
Reception improver CABLE
Rich soil LOAM
São Paulo-to-Rio dir. ENE
Serpentlike EELY
Sign by a door EXIT
Some computer programs are written in it COBOL
Spinners TOPS
Stationed BASED
Toots one's horn BOASTS
Vegans avoid these MEATS
Work between jobs TEMP
Wraps up ENDS
Zoning unit, maybe ACRE
___ bird DODO
___ time (never) ATNO
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