How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 28 2010

'Are we not joking about that yet?' TOOSOON
'Butter knife' of golf OEIRO
'Cómo es ___?' (Spanish 'Why?') ESO
'Deus ___' (1976 sci-fi novel) IRAE
'Diary of a Madman' author GOGOL
'Don't try any more tricks!' IMOTOYOU
'Right there with you' ASAMI
'Whip It' band DEVO
'Yes, Virginia, there ___ Santa Claus' ISA
10 Downing St. figures PMS
1960s girl group, with 'the' ROETTES
A lot of an orchestra STRINGS
Amaze WOW
Annual Manhattan event (represented symbolically in this puzzle) THETREELIGHTINGCEREMONY
Asserts something SAYSSO
Austin-to-Waco dir. NNE
Avant-garde composer Brian ENO
Award named for a Hall-of-Fame pitcher CYYOUNG
Beatles' last studio album LETITBE
Beginning RISE
Big name in late-night CONAN
Bingeing OASPREE
Bitter quarrels STRIFES
Blind guess STAB
Blogger, e.g. NETIZEN
Blue stuff SMUT
Break off SEVER
Brooks or Blanc MEL
Came to realize SAW
Canned foods giant DELMOTE
Capital of Iceland? LOGI
Ceaselessly NOEND
Chinese 'way' TAO
Christmas ___ EVE
Chu ___ (legendary Confucian sage) HSI
Clean again, as a floor REMOP
Cookie with creme OREO
Cosmetics giant AVO
Creatures known to lick their own eyeballs GECKOS
Cry of self-pride YAYME
Cuisine with pad see ew noodles THAI
December fall SNOW
Detach, in a way UNBOLT
Dinner in a can ALPO
Discus path ARC
Doesn't shut up GABS
Echo producer CANYO
Escapee from a witch in a Grimm tale GRETEL
Essays TRIES
Exactly right OTHEBUTTO
Extra-large top? AFRO
Felt in the gut VISCERAL
Firm newbie HIREE
Flops in lots EDSELS
Footnote abbr. LOC
Fraudster COMAN
French seasoning SEL
Frenchman's term of address MOAMI
Frozen, perhaps AFRAID
Funny Costello LOU
Gate projection, for short ETA
Hardly a plain Jane FODA
Here, in Dijon ICI
Home of Hells Gate State Park IDAHO
How pets may fly INCARGO
In thing RAGE
Intense heat ARDOR
Is worth doing PAYS
It guards the heart RIBCAGE
It may be put down on a roll ABSENCE
It was wrapped around the Forum TOGA
It's picked in Maui UKE
Itty-bitty ATOMIC
Jane at Thornfield EYRE
Just below the boiling point OSIMMER
Kind of moment KODAK
Kind of party STAG
Kind of romance between actors OSET
La Palma, e.g. ISLA
Leader of the Silver Bullet Band SEGER
Letter-shaped support IBEAM
Like St. Nick JOLLY
Lillian of silents GISH
Literary inits. EAP
Low-___ RES
Magnetic disruption in space IOSTORM
Man in the hood? MOK
Mount in myth OSSA
Movie co. behind 'Wordplay' and 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' IFC
Mythological triad GRACES
N.B.A.'er Smits, a k a the Dunkin' Dutchman RIK
Not benched, as in hockey OTHEICE
Not overspending OBUDGET
Nuts about BIGO
One of the Gandhis RAJIV
One using twisted humor IROIST
One-named rock star BOO
Onetime 'S.N.L.' regular Tina FEY
Org. that infiltrated Nazi Germany OSS
Overfills GLUTS
Part of a sunbow HUE
Part of an ear COB
Passes with flying colors GETSANA
Peach, e.g. SOFTCOLOR
Picker-upper TONIC
Pirate's realm SEA
Places for needles ETUIS
Porker's place STY
Preceders of xis NUS
Provides service that can't be beat? ACES
PX patrons GIS
Quick flight LAM
R&B funk trio with the 1990 hit 'Feels Good' TOYTOITOE
R.V. refuge org. KOA
Rare blood type, for short BNEG
Razzle-dazzle ECLAT
Ready PREP
Really, really want ACHEFOR
Reflux EBB
Richard Gere title role of 2000 DRT
Roulette bet ALLORED
Rx amount: Abbr. TSP
Sarcastic sort CYNIC
Seek damages SUE
Sends packing OUSTS
Set to go off, say OATIMER
Shed thing TEARDROP
Shih ___ (dog) TZU
Shtick BIT
Signs of dreaming REMS
Snack food with a Harvest Cheddar flavor SUNCHIPS
Something groundbreaking? HOE
Sounded sheepish? BLEATED
Source of some rings OIO
Start for -centric ETHNO
Start for 148-Across? OSWITCH
Stave (off) WARD
Stream of consciousness, for short? EEG
Stretched figures OBLOGS
Strong aversion, colloquially ALLERGY
Swingers' grp. PGA
Take in, as guests HOUSE
Texas A&M athletes AGGIES
Tiny creature AMEBA
Title for Judge Judy HERHOOR
Torque's symbol TAU
Traditional centerpiece of 148-Across NORWAYSPRUCE
Transmission repair franchise AAMCO
Trattoria topper PESTO
Up for bidding OAUCTIO
Vegas opening? LAS
Wakens STIRS
Walgreens rival CVS
Western tribe UTES
What it must do TAG
What might go for a dip? NACHO
When repeated, an old sitcom farewell NANU
Where 148-Across takes place ROCKEFELLERCENTER
Wide-lapel jackets ETOS
With 5-Down, when 148-Across traditionally takes place THEWEDNESDAY
Worked up EMOTIOAL
Zero NOE
___ Grand MGM
___ Na Na SHA
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