How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 27 2005

'Fantasy Island' prop LEI
'Hot' one MAMA
'I'll help!' LETME
'Star Trek' directive BEAMMEUP
'Superior' one SNOB
'You don't say!' GEE
'You've got ___!' ADEAL
'___ Little Girl,' Shirley Temple film OUR
'___ my flesh of brass?': Job ORIS
About INRE
Advice-giving sort ELDER
Afghan makeup YARN
After the fact BELATED
Antlered animal of the Old World REDDEER
As ___ resort ALAST
Ascap alternative BMI
Asia's ___ Darya river AMU
Band with the 1991 #1 hit 'Unbelievable' EMF
Bar exercise PULLUP
Baroque ORNATE
Baseball C.E.O.'s GMS
Big lug APE
Bits of shells SHRAPNEL
Blood classification ABO
Borden who founded the Borden Co. GAIL
Buckeye sch. OSU
Budget rival ALAMO
Capable, jocularly EPT
Chauffeur's vehicle TOWNCAR
Club publication ORGAN
Cola additive LIME
Cold one BEER
Competitive and impatient, say TYPEA
Corn cake PONE
Cricket sounds CHIRRS
Dakota dwelling TEPEE
Delineate ETCH
Den din ROAR
Draw on again RETAP
Dropped a dime, so to speak PHONED
Earthworm eaters NEWTS
Emmy-winning role for Sally Field, 1976 SYBIL
Famous Amos TORI
Fast Eddie's girlfriend in 'The Hustler' SARAH
Faulkner's femme fatale ___ Varner EULA
Football officials, slangily ZEBRAS
Furthest out there ODDEST
Future ferns SPORES
Gather on the surface, chemically SORB
Gold units: Abbr. KTS
Handles SEESTO
High-performance Camaro IROC
Hot coffee hazard SCALD
I.R.S. worker: Abbr. AUD
Imperial pronouncement UKASE
Important info for advertisers TVRATINGS
Inst. for midshipmen USNA
Iron brace LBAR
It has a nut on each end UBOLT
It may be fixed STARE
It's often seen over a bowl BLIMP
Jazz scores BASKETS
Jim Henson gave him voice ERNIE
Judge in I Samuel ELI
Kett of the comics ETTA
Knight at the movies JEDI
League for L.S.U. and Mississippi St. SEC
Like a slingshot YSHAPED
Luscious Berry HALLE
Made heroic ENNOBLED
Magnetite, for one IRONORE
Mail-in for a toy ninja? BOXTOPTURTLE
Makes even TRUES
Man's name meaning 'One who hears well' OTIS
Mardi Gras royal REX
Mekong River locale LAOS
Mideast capital AMMAN
Miss Road Pavement? BLACKTOPBEAUTY
Most likely to be called up ONEA
Newbie CUB
Norse god of war TYR
On easy street RICH
One cautioning about opening a soda can? POPTOPWARNER
One of the Monkees TORK
One who may give you fits TAILOR
One who opts for a convertible? RAGTOPPICKER
Order member since 1534 JESUIT
Orphanage fare, once GRUEL
Papal attire ORALE
Papal court HOLYSEE
Part of Santa's team on a computer? LAPTOPDANCER
Peter ___ RABBIT
Places of open discussion FORA
Plaintiffs SUERS
Playwright in rare form? TIPTOPONEILL
Prefix with centric HELIO
Prefix with metric ISO
Prefix with reading MIS
Pronoun with 'sommes' NOUS
Queen of mystery ELLERY
Rubber-burning area DRAGSTRIP
Sagelike LEARNED
Scrap for Rover ORT
Serious scoldings EARFULS
Shock absorber PAD
Situation STATUS
Slugabed IDLER
Socialite wannabe CLIMBER
Sound heard through a stethoscope RALE
Southwestern home ADOBE
Sports stat ERRORS
Start of a wish IHOPE
Suffix with Congo LESE
Surgery target POLYP
Symbols used in angle measurement PIS
Talked a blue streak? SWORE
Tennyson work IDYL
The ___ twins of 'New York Minute,' 2004 OLSEN
They may carry antibodies SERA
They may clash among titans EGOS
Thrown together SLAPDASH
Tools with teeth RAKES
Underwater breathing apparatus GILL
Upper crust of the N.B.A.? HIGHTOPSOCIETY
Villainous looks LEERS
W, for one PREZ
Waikiki ringmaster? BIGTOPKAHUNA
Wind phenomenon SHEAR
Wine holder VAT
Woods nymph DRYAD
Words following 'often' ASNOT
___ ease ILLAT
___-jongg MAH
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