How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 26 2015

'Be there shortly!' INASEC
'Odyssey,' for one EPOS
'Rosemary's Baby' author LEVIN
'What's ___, Doc?' (classic Bugs Bunny short) OPERA
'___ first you don't succeed ...' IFAT
'___ Nacht' (German carol) STILLE
911 responder, for short EMS
Accomodations along the Black Sea DACHA
Beer can feature POPTAB
Benjamin CNOTE
Broadcasts AIRS
Carom BANK
Charge before firing? AIM
Claude who painted 'Water Lillies' MONET
Coloseums STADIA
Computer cursor advancers TABKEYS
Disconnect SEPARATE
Dockworkers' grp ILA
Drop, like flies? UNZIP
Exclamations of surprise OHS
Exodus figure PHARAOH
Eye quickly PEEKAT
Film award OSCAR
Fluid-filled sac near a joint BURSA
Foriegn traveler's need VISA
Gently strokes, as a dog PATS
Give the boot TOSS
Give ___ on the shoulder ATAP
Go on the offensive ATTACK
H.S. exam PSAT
Health-promoting org CDC
It might be needed for a new job, informally RELO
It's good for 12 months CALENDAR
Japanese tech giant NEC
Kiester ASS
Kindergarden song beginning ABC
Lamblike DOCILE
Lead-in to 'boom-de-ay' TARARA
Like economic booms and busts CYCLIC
Long March leader MAO
Lost an easy win CHOKED
Luggage BAGS
Major American Spanish-language newspaper HOY
Many a New York City Marathon winner KENYAN
Meat grinders MOLARS
Moldova and Belarus, once: Abbr SSRS
Musical character who sings 'Wouldn't it be loverly?' ELIZA
Neutral hue GRAY
New York's ___ Bay Park PELHAM
Number of mispelled words in this puzzle's clues (oh, by the way, watch out for those tricky circled squares!) TEN
Numerical prefix DECI
Occassion EVENT
Old buddy, old pal BRO
One concerned with 47-Across, for short DDS
One of a pair of grillers BADCOP
Perception, figuratively RADAR
Pirate's swig RUM
Propelled, as a boat OARED
Put together PREPARE
Quick, sharp sound CLICK
Secretery, e.g AIDE
Set pencil to paper, in a way DREW
Showery mo APR
Speed trap datum: Abbr MPH
Tel ___ AVIV
Trans-Siberian Railway hub OMSK
Very indignent IRATE
Watery, say WEAK
Web discount EBATE
Whale constellation CETUS
Where firings take place KILNS
Without a doubt DEFINITELY
Words to a slowpoke MOVEIT
___-faced lie BALD
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