How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 24 2007

'Happy Days Are Here Again' composer AGER
'Ten North Frederick' novelist OHARA
'Why, what ___ am I!' (Hamlet soliloquy line) ANASS
'___ out!' YER
1976-85 sitcom setting MELSDINER
1980s-'90s N.B.A. star Danny AINGE
7 and 11, in a casino ROLLS
Begin energetically WADEIN
Big Apple-bound luggage tag code LGA
Butcher's need CLEAVER
Called for NECESSARY
Common bank deposit? OPOSITIVE
Display at a golf tournament LEADERBOARD
Distress call HELPME
Doesn't belt it out CROONS
Draft holder STEIN
Duke of Cornwall's wife REGAN
Encore setting MUSICHALL
Far left and far right ENDS
Fast-food chain known for its floats AANDW
Filibustered, say RANON
Game sticker? ARROWHEAD
Goes (for) OPTS
Good secret-keeper CLAM
Guarded weapon EPEE
Israeli opera conductor Daniel OREN
It's usually spun first SIDEONE
Kind of rack TOWEL
King of pop CAROLE
Lash with a whip LARUE
Lead-in to phobia AGORA
Loudness unit SONE
Many a camper, informally RVER
Massey of film ILONA
Not get along CLASH
Open competitors, often TOURINGPROS
Part of a long and winding road? ESS
Perform superbly SHINE
Performs awfully STINKS
Philologists' work, for short OED
Pitcher who was the 1995 N.L. Rookie of the Year NOMO
Provocation result ANGER
Rd. designer, e.g. ENGR
Results of some glances CAROMS
Shock aftermath WAVES
Slow in scoring LENTO
Some Mozart works SERENADES
Some shooters, briefly SLRS
Source of political support POWERBASE
Star of TV's 'The Fugitive' JANSSEN
Storm sounds PEALS
Take in, e.g. ALTER
They frequently become locked HORNS
They may accompany fevers COLDSORES
They may be done in a salon NAILS
They're found in a mess GIS
Three-time 1990s French Open winner SELES
Tropical reptiles CAIMANS
Unilever brand RAGU
Unsettled sort ROVER
Well around Trevi Fountain? BENE
Where things may be neatly ordered? TAVERNS
Where to find 'Rome' HBO
Zealous EAGER
___ Diamond, author of the 1998 Pulitzer-winning book 'Guns, Germs, and Steel' JARED
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