How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 23 1997

'...two mints ___!' INONE
'Dallas' Miss ELLIE
'Damn Yankees' vamp LOLA
'Finnegans Wake' wife ANNA
'Hooray!' YIPPEE
'Melancholia' engraver DURER
'The best ___ to come' ISYET
'The Prince and the Pauper' star, 1937 FLYNN
'___ Davis Eyes' (1981 #1 song) BETTE
1992 Earth Summit host BRAZIL
Abbr. on a ticket MPH
Adam of 'Chicago Hope' ARKIN
Airline employees AGENTS
Alan and Cheryl LADDS
Baby caretaker NANA
Best Director of 1992 EASTWOOD
Blister BLEB
Book before Job: Abbr. ESTH
Bra specification DCUP
Brings in EARNS
Brought on HIRED
But, to Brutus SED
Capitol Hill V.I.P.: Abbr. SEN
Checkup sounds AHS
Clark's big role RHETT
Clean-lined SIMPLE
Cloyingly charming ARTSY
Counting aid ABACUS.
Counting aid ABACUS
Density symbol RHO
Depth: Prefix BATHO
Designer Simpson ADELE
DHL alternative UPS
Direction at sea ALEE
Dog hounder FLEA
Door sign MEN
E.R. figures DRS
Early alias of 68-Across SPARKY
Évian, notably EAU
Experienced one ELDER
Fashion designer Pucci EMILIO
Fierceness FURY
First name in exploration LEIF
Fluid ___ DRAM
Footnoted CITED
French town opposite Brighton DIEPPE
Fully anesthetized UNDER
Giving KIND
Govt. antidiscrimination org. EEOC
Grammy-winning Carey MARIAH
Grease pencil, for one MARKER
Great Western Forum player LAKER
Greek nickname ARI
Gremlins, Pacers, etc. AMCS
Having a gap HIATAL
Hopping joint? ANKLE
Humerus site ARM
In stitches SEWN
Indy quest ARK
Japanese hand scroll MAKIMONO
Jelly ingredient PECTIN
Kind of card HONOR
Lacked, briefly HADNT
Loud, resonant sound WHANG
Manhattan neighborhood TRIBECA
Mariner's dir. NNE
Math branch: Abbr. ALG
Maynard G. of 60's TV KREBS
Monorail vehicle GYROCAR
More apt to bore TRITER
Moscow's locale: Abbr. IDA
News broadcast closer RECAP
Noble EARL
Old geographical inits. SSR
Old-fashioned cold remedies BEEFTEAS
One of the 12 tribes of Israel ASHER
Particles MOTES
Peeper pleaser EYEDROP
Perfume, as at Mass CENSE.
Perfume, as at Mass CENSE
Petit chanteur OISEAU
Pierce player on TV ALDA
Plastered LIT
Playmobile KART
Poppy plant derivative OPIATE
Popular proverb from the strip HAPPINESSISAWARMPUPPY
Pound sound WOOF
Predecessor of the strip LILFOLKS
Prime AONE
Promotes SELLS
Pub fixture ALETAP
R.B.I. producers, often DBLS
Restrained, after 'on' ALEASH
Revulsion NAUSEA
River known for disastrous floods ARNO
Rum mixers COLAS
Schedule listings TARIFFS
Seasonal songs NOELS
Seine sight ILE
Shakespearean prince HAL
She follows an order NUN
Short shots LAYUPS
Sicilia or Capri ISOLA
Sister of Helios SELENE
Skaters do them ROUTINES
Slip up ERR
Snow construction FORT
Song ___ SPARROW
Start with Cone or Cat SNO
Steak ___ (flambéed dish) DIANE
Stepped TROD
Stove or washer: Abbr. APPL
Strip's apparition THEGREATPUMPKIN
Strip's bête noire REDBARON
Strip's comforter SECURITYBLANKET
Strip's creator, born 11/26/22 CHARLESSCHULZ
Strip's cry of disgust AAAUGH
Strip's smallest character WOODSTOCK
Strip's trademark remark GOODGRIEF
Stylish magazine ELLE
Sushi offering EEL
Swift Malay boat PROA
The Lion of God ALI
They may be just DESERTS
They're not cool NERDS
Tobacco mouthful CHAW
Training overseer?: Abbr. MTA
Treat on a toothpick CANAPE
Type of tide NEAP
Unracy TAME
Wear black, perhaps MOURN
Western wolf LOBO
Whale of a captain? AHAB
When to sing 25-Across YULE
Wing ELL
With 80-Down, Frieda's do in the strip NATURALLY
Young newts EFTS
___ profit TURNA
___-mell PELL
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