How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 22 2017

'Pencils down!' TIMESUP
1986 rock autobiography ITINA
Affluent Connecticut town PORT
Aid in mischief ABET
American of Japanese origin NISEI
Anarchist's aversion LAW
Area of longtime contention BANK
As dumb as ___ of rocks ABOX
Bon mot QUIP
Bridging ACROSS
Bringing up the rear LASTINLINE
Burglary, in police shorthand BANDE
Calf-length pants style CAPRI
Candlemaking supply SUET
Capable of being touched TACTILE
Certain tow job REPO
Change for the better AMEND
Chess-playing movie villain HAL
Choir part ALTO
Country hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics KOREA
Demise END
Disconcerting FAZING
Dividing line EQUATOR
Dog that needs a muzzle, say BITER
Eponymous Dr. Alzheimer ALOIS
Eurus, in Greek mythology WIND
Food restriction before and after surgery, maybe LIQUIDDIET
Fraternity 'T' TAU
Giving over CEDING
Gusto ZEST
Hand or foot EXTREMITY
Home to Santa's workshop POLE
How most movies are released after theatrical runs ONDVD
Huge amounts ATON
In a short while ANON
Interstate 5's locale COAST
Iowa's largest export CORN
Kind of engineer: Abbr CIV
Language group of central Africa BANTU
Largest known asteroid CERES
Lefties PAWS
Like Christmas sweaters, stereotypically UGLY
Like Edward Lear's Owl and Pussycat ASEA
Listless feeling ENNUI
Make fun of RIPON
Mandatory: Abbr REQD
Minnesota N.H.L. team from 1967 to 1993 STARS
Network with news at the top of each hour NPR
New York's ___ Field CITI
Notre Dame setting BEND
Novelist Charles with an appropriate surname READE
One waiting at the airport? CAB
Part of the brainstem MEDULLA
Pea with a thick, rounded pod SUGARSNAP
Pinot ___ NOIR
Plenty, once ENOW
Popular outdoor clothing brand, with 'The' FACE
Prefix with party or venous INTRA
Queen in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' TITANIA
Remunerates PAYS
Resident of China or Japan, but not India or Iran ASIAN
Revulsion NAUSEA
Ruler over Valhalla ODIN
Scrabble 1-pointer (but a Words With Friends 2-pointer) NTILE
Send off, as an online order SHIP
Sine's reciprocal, in trig COSEC
Stretchy sportswear material LYCRA
Subj. for Bill Nye SCI
Tear apart REND
Theaters of antiquity ODEA
U.N.'s location in Manhattan SIDE
Volunteer's phrase ICAN
What Friday has, unlike any other day? ANI
Years on the Yucatán ANOS
Young muchacho NINO
___ Way (Roman road) APPIAN
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