How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 22 2004

'A thing of beauty is ___ forever' AJOY
'Friends, ___, countrymen' ROMANS
'Gay' city PAREE
'I'd rather not' NAH
'It takes two' to do this TANGO
'Patton' vehicles TANKS
'That's it!' AHA
'___ not, want not' WASTE
Antlered deer HART
At the drop of ___ AHAT
Atlanta-based airline DELTA
Baseball stat RBI
Batman and Robin DYNAMICDUO
Bull's-eye hitter DART
Certain boxing win, for short TKO
Charles Lindbergh's feat across the Atlantic SOLOFLIGHT
Chili con ___ CARNE
Cousin of a frog TOAD
Desirable party group ALIST
Do newspaper work EDIT
Dory or ferry BOAT
Emphatic ending with yes SIREE
End of a fishing line HOOK
Excite, as curiosity PIQUE
Explore the seven seas SAIL
External OUTER
Eye sores STYES
Fake ducks DECOYS
Financial page inits. NYSE
Fixes illegally RIGS
Formal ceremony RITE
Game show player PANELIST
Golf shirt POLO
Hamilton bills TENS
In the 20's, say COLD
In the 40's, say COOL
Is no more, informally AINT
Krispy Kreme products DONUTS
Leave out OMIT
Less loony SANER
Marked down LESS
Marooned person's signal FLARE
Martini garnish OLIVE
Memorial Day weekend event, briefly INDY
Mock words of understanding AHSO
Nameless, for short ANON
Noggin HEAD
Once more AGAIN
One of six Bach compositions TRIOSONATA
Oodles ATON
Oratorio performers ENSEMBLE
Paul Scott tetralogy, with 'The' RAJQUARTET
Pleased as punch ELATED
Polished, as shoes SHINY
Prehistoric OLD
Present to Goodwill, e.g. DONATE
Rainbow ___ TROUT
Rear of a sole HEEL
Sacramento's ___ Arena ARCO
See eye to eye AGREE
Sewing machine inventor Howe ELIAS
Sir or madam TITLE
Skillet lubricant OLEO
Stalk vegetable CELERY
Tennis score after deuce ADIN
The 'A' in I.R.A.: Abbr. ACCT
The 'A' in MoMA ART
The Buckeye State OHIO
The City of Witches SALEM
The Rolling Stones' 'Time ___ My Side' ISON
Thin, as oatmeal WATERY
Three sheets to the wind DRUNK
Tooth cover ENAMEL
Trial fig. ATTY
Uncle: Sp. TIO
Undermines SUBVERTS
When repeated, a ballroom dance CHA
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