How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 22 1998

'...in ___ tree' APEAR
'Alfie' lyricist David HAL
'Chuang-tzu' principle TAO
'Hopalong Cassidy' actor BOYD
'Let's wait' NOTHERE
'Sleepy Time ___' (1925 song) GAL
'Stay!' DONTGO
'Whew!' MAN
'Whole' thing SHEBANG
'___ De-Lovely' ITS
'___ Girl Like You Loved a Boy Like Me' (old song) IFA
'___ Mio' OSOLE
1944 Preminger film LAURA
70's detective series VEGAS
A util. ELEC
Absorb the cost, in slang EATIT
Actor Jonathan of 'Brazil' PRYCE
Actor ___ S. Ngor HAING
Actress Garth JENNIE
Admits nothing? FASTS
African language group BANTU
Ambulance V.I.P. EMT
Amtrak stops: Abbr. STNS
Assess GAUGE
Author Samuel CLEMENS
Babe's abode STY
Ballroom dance ONESTEP
Barbara, to friends BABS
Basic ideas GISTS
Beethoven contemporary ROSSINI
Blink rapidly BAT
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Capital of Lesotho MASERU
Certain investment, for short IRA
Certain sing-along ROUND
Challenges for college srs. LSATS
Charged item ION
Choice words ORS
Classic sports cars MGS
Codgers' replies EHS
Cornfield sounds CAWS
Cousin of plop THUD
Displace UPROOT
Drafts, maybe ALES
Embrace ADOPT
Ersatz SHAM
Everglades bird EGRET
Fit for a King? GORY
Fizzles out DIES.
Fizzles out DIES
Four-time Masters champion, to fans ARNIE
Gambled STAKED
Genetic research aid, often FRUITFLY
Get in sync again RETUNE
Golf course purchase, maybe SOD
Goya subject MAJA
Groovy FAB
Gurkha's home NEPAL
Hardly flighty STAID
He has a lawyer BILLSTHECLIENT
He has mood swings BOBSUPANDDOWN
He's always asleep by midnight PETERSOUTATTHEEND
He's exploring new terrain MARKSOFFTHEPATH
He's gotten carried away CHUCKSOVERBOARD
Helps with DEFRAYS
Her car broke down PATSONTHESHOULDER
In the past, in the past ERST
Inspirations MUSES
Intensity ZEAL
Jollies FUN
Latin foot PES
Londoner, e.g. BRITON
Long ___ JOHNS
Longtime Playboy artist LeRoy NEIMAN
Low socks ANKLETS
Made a muff ERRED
Makes a lot of progress GETSFAR
Mandela's org. ANC
Modern cartoon genre ANIME
More than pass ACE
Much sought-after author RUSHDIE
Mystic SEER
Mystical character RUNE
Nationality indicator ENSIGN
Nightmare FEAR
Not so strenuous EASIER
Paper deliverers have them: Abbr. RTES
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Practice PLY
Prefix with comic SERIO
Prov. on Hudson Bay ONT
Purge RID
Scientology guru ___ Hubbard LRON
Sent smoke signals, maybe ALERTED
She likes having children around SUESFORCUSTODY
Short, for short LIL
Sketch-based TV show, briefly SNL
Small ammo BBS
Some sportswear, slangily SNEAKS
Soprano Lehmann LOTTE
Sotto voce remarks ASIDES
Speech with a lesson: Abbr. SER
Spiral shell CONCH
Spiral shell CONCH.
Sporty trucks, for short UTES
Strained TAXED
Superman's father JOREL
Sweet-sounding Horne LENA
Tacky note POSTIT
Tater SPUD
The Coneheads, e.g. ALIENS
The deep SEA
The Everlys' 'When Will ___ Loved' IBE
They fix locks SALONS
Three times, in prescriptions TER
Timber trouble DRYROT
Time keeper, at times TOE
Tiny bit, in France PEU
Unclear OPAQUE
Unveiling cries TADAS
Uses mouthwash GARGLES
Very, in Vichy TRES
W.B.A. outcomes TKOS
What science fiction writers do FANTASIZE
What to say to a doctor AAH
Where Achilles was bathed STYX
Yenta's quality NOSINESS
___ Maria TIA
___ Olay OILOF
___ Z ATO
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