How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 20 2018

'Didn't expect to run into you here!' ohhi
'Get it now?' see
'Let's hear more!' dotell
'OMG, 2 funny!' lol
'Out of my hair!' vamoose
'Why ___ you asking?' are
Acted and spoke like aped
Apartment unit room
Apply gently dab
Baby wipe target drool
Basic monetary unit of Egypt, Sudan and Syria pound
Birthstone after sapphire opal
Bob of 'Full House' saget
Bud's bud in comedy lou
Busting the scales obese
Cable inits. for older films tcm
Chow mein additive, maybe msg
Claim on a house lien
Company with a spokesduck aflac
Completely infatuated gaga
Compound in perfumes ester
Continent north of Afr eur
Crime scene find clue
D-worthy poor
Deschanel of 'New Girl' zooey
Dull photo finish matte
Elongated fish eel
Family name of three lawmen brothers earp
Family rec center ymca
For instance say
Garnish for a vodka tonic lemonwedge
Gyro bread pita
Had the intention of doing it meantto
Harsh light glare
Headed the pack led
Heavenly glows auras
Helmet attachment strap
Home of the Rams, for short socal
Honshu city that hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics nagano
Host of 'The Big Podcast With Shaq' oneal
Keen enjoyment gusto
Kind of night at a comedy club openmic
Mama's mama nana
Murals, sculptures, etc art
Nuclear bomb, for short wmd
One of the friends on 'Friends' ross
One of the seven deadly sins sloth
One of three biblical brothers abel
Paintball need gun
Place to get a tattoo or some ice cream parlor
Program activated with a tap app
Ready to go, as a car ingear
Regarding asto
Renewable kind of energy solar
Shadow removers razors
Soda with fruity flavors nehi
Speaks with a scratchy voice rasps
Sport shirts for golfers polos
Staples of soap operas affairs
Stiller's partner in comedy meara
Suffix with glass or silver ware
Sunburn remedies balms
Take ___ loan outa
Tax prep pro cpa
Trajectories for fly balls arcs
Tube-shaped pasta penne
Turkey's place razzieawards
Turkey's place bowlingalley
Turkey's place westernasia
Turkey's place poultryfarm
Very confusing clearasmud
Voice mail signal tone
W.C.s lavs
What Vegemite ultimately comes from yeast
Wild animal tracking aid eartag
Worker during a strike scab
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