How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 18 2018

'Come again?' huh
'Darling, won't you ___ my worried mind' ('Layla' lyric) ease
'Fancy that!' gee
'For heaven ___' sakes
'Get ___!' agrip
'It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is ___': Churchill akey
'The Simpsons' bar moes
'Wouldn't that be nice!' iwish
'___-Tikki-Tavi' rikki
A pillar of Islam haj
Alternatives to gelcaps tablets
Animal used to guard sheep and goats llama
Appurtenance for a cartoon Neanderthal club
Asian fruits used in Western alternative medicine gojiberries
Backgrounds in theater sets
Baking soda has many of these uses
Baseball stats sometimes called 39-Down rbis
Beauts gems
Berry with two diacritics in its name acai
Bird on Walden Pond in 'Walden' loon
Blue shade aqua
Boxing venue ring
Brainpower smarts
Branch of Islam shia
Burns writing poem
Can-can dancing? twerking
Charged up hyper
Clay and oil, for artists media
Collection of Yule-centric posts? burninglogblog
Confucian philosopher ___ Hsi chu
Costa Rican president who won the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize oscararias
Crescent-shaped Italian pastries cornetti
Cry after 'Company' halt
Danny Ocean's ex-wife in 'Ocean's Eleven' tess
Deaden acoustically damp
Delmonico steak cuts ribeyes
Div. for the Red 106-Down aleast
Document listing technical specifications bluepaper
Dorm overseers, for short ras
Down-on-their-luck sorts hobos
Drops omits
Eaglelike aquiline
Elevators in an office building? heels
Emails such as 'Click this link to become an Apollo astronaut'? spaceprogramspam
Era of ignorance darkages
Erie Canal city utica
Festoons with Charmin, for short tps
Flora and fauna biota
Formula for slope in math riseoverrun
Haven oasis
Hightail it, saltily haulass
Hit just beyond the infield bloop
Hit the hide off the baseball ripit
Holiday glitter tinsel
Houston squad, casually stros
Jerk spasm
Jewish mourning period shiva
Joe of 'GoodFellas' pesci
Kingdom in 'The Prisoner of Zenda' ruritania
Late-morning meal for a TV family? bradybunchbrunch
Laura of 'Big Little Lies' dern
Leg-pullers kidders
Like services covered by a health insurer inarea
Like the number i, mathematically nonreal
Limit cap
Link with tieto
Lunkheads clods
Mannheim mister herr
Manufactured made
Map chart
Misreckons errs
Mississippi River bottom feeder mudcat
More sensible saner
Much Top 40 music now rap
Munchkin gnome
Nagy of Hungarian history imre
Neophytes tyros
Neural junction synapse
Neutral shades ecrus
Non-___ (food label) gmo
Norwegian king near the end of the first millennium olavi
Not catch miss
Numerical prefix tri
Nurse sip
Ocean froth spume
One caught by a 12-Down steer
One is roughly the mass of a speck of dust microgram
One way to buy mustard cheaply? greypoupongroupon
Orfeo in Gluck's 'Orfeo ed Euridice,' e.g alto
Parisian waters eaux
People like you peergroup
Peter's chief of staff on 'The Good Wife' eli
Piedmont wine town asti
Plaster for painting gesso
Prefix with puncture acu
Really trendy happening
S.A.S.E., e.g.: Abbr enc
Satchel for a homicide detective? murdercasemurse
School extension? edu
Seawater compound nacl
Secures with a band girds
See 5-Down sox
See to it makesure
Seizure cause epilepsy
Semiliquid stuff gloop
So-so filler? and
Some ways on Waze: Abbr sts
Something found at the top of many a Google search page paidad
Spanish crockery ollas
Split personality? expartner
Sports event with two diacritics in its name epee
Static inert
Strong bond glue
Stuffed ___ shirt
Swiss canton that was home to William Tell uri
Tempur-Pedic rival serta
They require stitches seams
Tush rear
TV network with a science-y name ion
Unseasonal wear on a winter vacation? skiresortskort
Utensil for eating some cured meat? saltedporkspork
Variety of stud poker, familiarly hilo
Western powwow held every year or so natosummit
What the rotator cuff rotates humerus
When a happy hour might start atsix
Who wrote 'In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king' erasmus
Wooded valley dell
Word from the Latin for 'noose' lasso
Zoom, e.g lens
___ Spiegel, co-founder of Snapchat evan
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