How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 17 2015

'And another thing ...' ALSO
'Brandenburg Concertos' instruments VIOLAS
'Ewww!' ICK
'Hey, mister' PSST
'It's c-c-cold!' BRR
'That's enough for me' IMDONE
'The Joy Luck Club' author AMYTAN
'Treasure Island' author's inits RLS
'What's ___ you?' EATING
'___ Makes You Happy' (Sheryl Crow tune) IFIT
*Engage in boisterous play HORSEAROUND
*Hall-of-Fame jockey who won the Triple Crown twice EDDIEARCARO
*Painting, music, dance, etc FINEARTS
*Six times the length of one side squared, for a cube SURFACEAREA
*Unauthorized detention FALSEARREST
*What wearers of sleeveless garments have BAREARMS
Achieved one's goal MADEIT
Airport overseer, for short FAA
Aloe ___ VERA
Any of the Baltic states, once: Abbr SSR
Attack-launch time DDAY
Barbershop quartet harmonizer TENOR
Bits of Morse code DAHS
Browser history listings URLS
Caribbean island whose name means 'eel' ANGUILLA
Certain druggie ACIDHEAD
Classic toothpaste brand IPANA
Cleared the blackboard ERASED
Company advertised with the slogan 'So easy a caveman can do it' GEICO
Cookie that outcompeted Hydrox OREO
Cool, in jive talk HEP
Correct, as text EMEND
Cry after a diva's performance BRAVA
Customer service workers AGENTS
Danish or tart PASTRY
Dos x dos x dos OCHO
Droop SAG
Ex-Yankee Martinez TINO
Friend in a western AMIGO
Heavenly ball ORB
Keats collection ODES
Ladies' man CASANOVA
Letters before an alias AKA
Maker of the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch ROLEX
Many a George W. Bush supporter NEOCON
Miami Beach's Eden ___ resort ROC
Mother of Ares and Hephaestus HERA
Neuron appendage AXON
Note after fa SOL
Old French coins ECUS
Org. for Cardinals and Ravens NFL
PlayStation user GAMER
Rainbow goddess IRIS
Read electronically SCAN
Residue in a bathtub drain GUNK
Run-down SEEDY
Sault ___ Marie STE
See 63-Across EAR
Sharpshooter's skill AIM
Shopping binge SPREE
Singer Lena HORNE
Smoothed, as wood SANDED
State whose flag has eight gold stars ALASKA
Style of sleeve RAGLAN
Subject of Boyle's law GAS
Suffix with legal ESE
Sweater ball PILL
Vardalos of the screen NIA
Vietnam War protest grp SDS
What's exposed by a ponytail NAPE
With 60-Down, what the answer to each starred clue has INNER
Zimbabwe, formerly RHODESIA
___ Curtis Industries (onetime cosmetics giant) HELENE
___ Hill, N.C CHAPEL
___ souci SANS
___-Cat SNO
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