How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 17 2005

'Domani' singer Julius LAROSA
'Liza With a Z' Emmy winner BOBFOSSE
'Old' ship's name IRONSIDES
'Reading' ability ESP
'The Lord of the Rings' extra ORC
'Vox populi, vox ___' DEI
1975 Edward Albee Pulitzer-winning play SEASCAPE
2005 Samuel L. Jackson biopic COACHCARTER
28-Across, e.g. ART
A's, e.g. ALERS
Acronym since 1941 SNAFU
Appear on the scene RISE
Beau ___ GESTE
Because SINCE
Big name in printers EPSON
Bud protector SEPAL
Controlled LED
De bene ___ (legal phrase) ESSE
Dental problem GAP
Do slam-dancing MOSH
Enchantress, in Shakespeare HAG
Eyelashes CILIA
Foreign dignitary EMIR
George who wrote 'Fables in Slang' ADE
Go through PERUSE
Going for, with 'at' PRICED
Host Jules of E! ASNER
Hound, say PERSECUTE
Humorist Shriner WIL
Innocence locale EDEN
Jersey wearer, maybe FAN
Key of Mozart's 'Odense' Symphony AMINOR
Kitchen containers CANISTERS
Knocked on the noggin BEANED
Land that declared its independence on 11/11/1965 RHODESIA
Lap again REPASS
Leaders of class struggles? PROFS
Like some income UNEARNED
Many a stained glass window MOSAIC
Mineral suffix ITE
Not play subtly EMOTE
Ones getting Secret Service protection FIRSTFAMILY
Prefix with logical PATHO
Prefix with propyl ISO
Preoccupy OBSESS
Private talks ONEONONES
Put a belt on GIRD
Ratatouille ___ NICOISE
Really enjoyed oneself HADABLAST
Recording medium, for short DAT
Rendezvous TRYSTS
Same old, same old BUSINESSASUSUAL
Semifluid material PLASM
Some job hunters: Abbr. SRS
Some notes FAS
Takes, as an exam SITSFOR
Time in advertising TONITE
University of Maryland, informally TERPS
Wedding reception cry ATOAST
Where Bob Dylan was born: Abbr. MINN
Why and wherefore RATIONALE
Without a break ONEND
Without ___ (dangerously) ANET
Words said before shaking hands DONEDEAL
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