How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 16 2005

'Any ___?' TAKERS
'Little' boy of early comics NEMO
'Sure, why not?!' GOODIDEA
'Told ya!' SOTHERE
'___ so!' NOT
'___ we there yet?' ARE
Abbreviation said with a 'Whew!' TGIF
ABC newsman Potter NED
Accustoms ENURES
Alley button RESET
Angler's basket CREEL
Arthur of 'The Golden Girls' BEA
Asian princess RANI
Bogotá boy NINO
Bother, with 'at' EAT
Break in the action LULL
Bring a smile to AMUSE
Brought up RAISED
Comedian's Muse THALIA
Company that took over Reynolds Metals in 2000 ALCOA
Dish served with a lemon wedge SOLE
Drink made with curaçao MAITAI
Drive away, as a thief? ABET
Each, slangily APOP
Fall shade RUST
Former Japanese capital KYOTO
Fotos PIX
Funny-car fuel NITRO
Gabbed away RANON
Genghis ___ KHAN
Good source of potassium BANANA
Hard to miss SALIENT
Interpreted to be SEENAS
It may be hard on a construction worker HAT
Joanne of westerns DRU
Licorice-scented herb ANISE
Lousy eggs? NITS
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Mandela's org. ANC
Maximum UTMOST
Mediterranean spewer ETNA
Memorial Day event PARADE
Mortar's partner PESTLE
Namer of a representative to OPEC, maybe EMIR
Not fer AGIN
Prefix with friendly ECO
Pressure cooker's sound SSS
Quartz type ONYX
Raincoat, for short MAC
Rearward ASTERN
Run of luck STREAK
School with King's Scholars ETON
See 17-Across FORTASTE
See 54-Across THEPRESENT
Service reading TORAH
Shiny cotton fabric SATEEN
Sings in the Alps YODELS
Sobriquet for Haydn PAPA
Something that may be seen in a bank OAR
Spin doctor's concern IMAGE
Start of a kid's counting rhyme EENY
Steamed ANGRY
Swear (to) ATTEST
Tabula ___ RASA
Take it off, take it all off STRIP
Taker of vows NUN
Takes advantage of, say ABUSES
Taters SPUDS
The way of the Chinese TAO
Trifling MERE
Unlock, to a poet OPE
With 21-Across, there's no … ACCOUNTING
With 59-Across, there's no … TIMELIKE
___ Lingus AER
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