How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 15 1998

#1 hit for the Chordettes MRPSANDMAN
#1 hit of 1956 DONATBECRUEL
'...___ quit!' (ultimatum) ORI
'By gar!' EGAD
'Harlem Nocturne' composer Hagen EARLE
'It's ___!' ADATE
'La vita nuova' writer DANTE
'Later!' ADIOS
'Of course!' ISEE
'Uncle Vanya' role ELENA
'___ Mable' (W.W. I best seller) DERE
'___ no idea!' IHAD
Abuses the throne MISRULES
American University locale BEIRUT
Anticipatory exclamation ICANATWAIT
Antiquity, in antiquity ELD
Ark's first disembarker RAVEN
Attends as a visitor, with 'on' SITSIN
Author Sinclair UPTON
Baseball's Flood and others CURTS
Be visibly elated GLOW
Biblical witch's home ENDOR
Big name in vegetables LIBBY
Burlesqued APED
Bust ___ (laugh uproariously) AGUT
Buyoffs BRIBES
Café Américain visitor ILSA
Camp activity DRILLS
Capital since 1923 ANKARA
Charge with a new responsibility REBURDEN
City founded by Harald III OSLO
Computer ___ ERROR
Corset part STAY
Deadly nerve gas SARIN
December forecast SLEET
Deepened GREW
Deli hanger SALAMI
Democracy since 1937 EIRE
Diagnostic proc. MRI
Didn't hit the snooze button AROSE
Drudgery TOIL
E-mail option REPLY
Emmy-winning Tyson CICELY
Environmentalists' magazine SIERRA
Father of modern rocketry GODDARD
Flattens KOS
Flight engineers? BIRDS
Fruitlessly INVAIN
Fruity drinks ADES
Fur resembling beaver NUTRIA
Furies IRES
Get one's head together? CORRAL
Goes on ADDS
Gov. Bush of Florida JEB
Grind, maybe HONE
Growing population areas EXURBIAS
Gussies (up) DUDES
Hagfish relative LAMPREY
Hanging loose ATEASE
Helen's mother LEDA
Holds off REPELS
Honey DEAR
Horned lizard, e.g. IGUANOID
Hot stuff LAVA
Household pest REDANT
Instrument, in jazz lingo AXE
Isn't just given EARNS
It may make you see things LSD
It's a cover-up ROBE
Jeweler Pierre and family CARTIERS
Kelly McGillis's debut film, 1983 REUBENCREUBEN
Kind of engineer CIVIL
L'Enfant Plaza designer PEI
LAX letters ETA
Leader in Israel ALEPH
Loch ___ NESS
Long Island university ADELPHI
Looks for AWAITS
Made over REDID
Magic org. NBA
Mahalia Jackson autobiography MOVINAONUP
Make a denial SAYITISNATSO
Make itinerary changes REMAP
Medical resident of 60's TV DRPKILDARE
Millionths of a meter MICRA
More than whimper BOOHOO
Muslim generals AGHAS
Natural neckwear LEI
Nonrecyclables WASTE
Novel published under the alias Currer Bell JANEEYRE
One of about 2,400,000 in the United States SMITH
Padded envelope MAILER
Part of a name NEE
Paul Newman's directorial debut RACHELCRACHEL
Piddling MEAGER
Pierce-Arrow contemporary REO
Primogeniture beneficiary SON
Purple dyes MAUVES
Put on a pedestal LIONIZE
Rapa ___ (Easter Island) NUI
Run at the curb IDLE
Service stations? TEACARTS
Seven up, e.g. TIED
She played Julie in 'Julie,' 1956 DORIS
Some kind of a nut BETEL
Some nouns: Abbr. PLS
Some nouns: Abbr. PLS.
Speaks elegiacally LAMENTS
Stoolies, at times NAMERS
Strip on the Mediterranean GAZA
Suffuses BATHES
Sugar suffixes OSES
That's a wrap! STOLE
There are two per hundred ZEROS
They may be against you ODDS
They may be split ENDS
Torpedo, in British slang MOULDY
Touch BIT
Uris protagonist ARI
Vaulters' landing places MATS
Voice lesson topic TRILL
Vortexes EDDIES
Was in the hole OWED
What's more AND
Worsts BESTS
Worsts BESTS.
___ Park, Calif. MENLO
___ particle PSI
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