How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 13 2013

'Green,' in product names ENVIRO
'The Red Tent' author Diamant ANITA
9-Across buy TABLE
Altoids container TIN
An ex of Frank AVA
As soon as ONCE
Bad to the bone EVIL
Banshee's cry WAIL
Be a fan of ADMIRE
Bell Labs operating system UNIX
Beverages in the a.m OJS
Brother of Fidel RAUL
Bugling beast ELK
Ceramists' fixtures KILNS
Company founded by a 17-year-old Swede IKEA
Contend VIE
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
Cry of fear or hilarity SHRIEK
Dench who played Elizabeth I JUDI
Emphatic assent, in Baja SISI
Farmer's basketful, maybe BUSHEL
Foofaraw ADO
Fudge, say OVERSTATE
Gem of a girl? OPAL
Get, as a concept GRASP
Have ___ (surreptitiously imbibe) ANIP
Heart test letters EKG
Housecat's perch SILL
Hypnotized UNDER
Impersonal letter starter SIRS
Items at a haberdashery ASCOTS
Lipstick slip SMEAR
Lost Tribes' land ISRAEL
Mil. truant AWOL
Minimum age for a U.S. senator THIRTY
Mischievous sort IMP
Muscle strengthened by curls, informally BICEP
Nifty NEAT
Number of pecks in a 34-Down FOUR
O.T. book read during Purim ESTH
Owners of an infamous cow OLEARYS
Painter Mondrian PIET
Patrolman's rounds BEAT
PC start-over REBOOT
Physique BUILD
Pizza cuts, essentially RADII
Pupil of 'enry 'iggins ELIZA
Put in the cup, as a golf ball SANK
Recipe instruction #1 MINCEGARLIC
Recipe instruction #2 GRATEPARMESAN
Recipe instruction #3 CHOPBASILLEAVES
Recipe instruction #4 CRUSHPINENUTS
Recipe instruction #5 ADDOLIVEOIL
Renaissance, literally REBIRTH
Renders unnecessary OBVIATES
Seller's caveat ASIS
Slaps the cuffs on NABS
Slips and such LINGERIE
Sounds of appreciation CLAPS
Squarish TV toon SPONGEBOB
Tarzan creator's monogram ERB
Term of address for a nobleman MILORD
Tilter's weapon LANCE
Tony of 'Taxi' DANZA
Tough spot FIX
U.K. bestowal OBE
Van Cleef of 'High Noon' LEE
What you get when you blend the results of this puzzle's recipe instructions PESTO
Year-end airs NOELS
Young boxer PUP
___ Army (golf fans of old) ARNIES
___ Highway (historic route to Delta Junction) ALCAN
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