How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 09 2015

'Believe It or ___!' NOT
'Dies ___' (Latin hymn) IRAE
'Norma ___' (Sally Field film) RAE
'The Jetsons' dog ASTRO
'Wake Up Little ___' (#1 Everly Brothers hit) SUSIE
'Zip-___-Doo-Dah' ADEE
1/24 of an octave QUARTERTONE
Actor's prompt CUE
Actress Portman NATALIE
Actress Winslet KATE
Alternative to all NONE
Alternative to All ERA
As snug as a bug in a ___ RUG
Aunt and uncle's little girl NIECE
Babies (aww ...) ... or an aural hint to 18-, 32-, 39- and 57-Across CUTIES
Band aide ROADIE
Blow away AWE
Blunders ERRORS
Born, in bios NEE
Bread for a Reuben RYE
Bullring bravo OLE
Campus in Troy, N.Y RPI
Chaney of chillers LON
Chrysler 300 or BMW 740 SEDAN
Condescending cluck TSK
Creature that attacked the Nautilus in 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' GIANTSQUID
Curiosity rover launcher NASA
Desert refuge OASIS
Detroit ballplayer TIGER
Diagnostic scan, briefly MRI
Disgorges EGESTS
Emcees' deliveries INTROS
Extremely aloof demeanor ICINESS
Final Four game SEMI
French playwright Jean GENET
Game in which to cry 'You're it!' TAG
Golden rule preposition UNTO
Got a hole in one on ACED
Italian blue cheese GORGONZOLA
Mark of disgrace STIGMA
Mr. Scrooge EBENEZER
Mrs., in Munich FRAU
Nest egg inits IRA
Noted Max Planck contribution to physics QUANTUMTHEORY
One of six allowed to an N.B.A. player FOUL
One of the Nixon daughters TRICIA
One's early years YOUTH
Period of undivided attention, as with a spouse or child QUALITYTIME
Period of widespread food shortage FAMINE
Post-E.R. locale ICU
Prepared to propose, in the traditional way KNELT
Refrigerates COOLS
Residents of Provo and Salt Lake City UTAHNS
Ripens, as cheese AGES
See 52-Down LUNG
Skill useful for handling an emergency QUICKTHINKING
Sporty Chevys CAMAROS
Springsteen's 'Born in the ___' USA
Stats for Mensa IQS
Stay out of sight, as a criminal LIELOW
Suffix with major ETTE
The 'A' in DNA ACID
The 'M' in Y.M.C.A MENS
Things cooks wear APRONS
Tie up, as a turkey TRUSS
Top prize at the Olympics GOLD
Tranquil SERENE
Tree whose name contains all five vowels SEQUOIA
Very, in music ASSAI
With 53-Down, pioneering mechanical breathing apparatus AQUA
___ de Boulogne (Parisian park) BOIS
___ Mae (government lender) GINNIE
___ metals (periodic table group) ALKALI
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