How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 09 2008

'Capeesh?' YOUSEE
'Chill!' BECOOL
'Don't make ___!' AMESS
'Essays of ___' ELIA
'If you ask me,' in a chat room IMHO
'Marshal of Cripple Creek,' e.g. OATER
'Sugar Lips' trumpeter HIRT
'The Lion King' character voiced by Whoopi Goldberg SHENZI
'This is not ___' (warning label) ATOY
18th-century Venetian fresco painter TIEPOLO
Abounded TEEMED
Affiance BETROTH
Almost at NEARTO
Ancient Egyptian kingdom NUBIA
Ancient name for Great Britain ALBION
Architect ___ van der Rohe MIES
Automotive comeback of 1998 BEETLE
Bar ___ EXAM
Be outscored at the end FADE
Beloved of Pyramus THISBE
Bête ___ NOIRE
Botanical angle AXIL
Boxer nicknamed 'The Bear' LISTON
Brain scan letters EEG
Brink EDGE
Brown shade COCOA
Butt abutters SEATS
Canadian prov. PEI
Cardinal's topper REDHAT
CB radios, once CRAZE
Childish claim DIBS
Classic cowboy name TEX
Clinician in the 'hood? MEDICINEBRO
Connect with TIEINTO
Cry with a salute AYESIR
Die Zeit article EINE
Doctor Zhivago's love LARA
Duffer's accomplishment BIRDIE
Duller than dull ARID
Egyptian symbols of royalty ASPS
Exclamation with a handshake DEAL
Fancy shooting marbles TAWS
Festoons with Charmin, informally TPS
Figure in an Edmund Spenser poem FAERIE
For initiates only ESOTERIC
Forwarded SENTON
French cleric ABBE
French engineer Gustave EIFFEL
French for 44-Across OEIL
Georgia's Lake ___, behind the Buford Dam LANIER
Gets with the times ADAPTS
Hero of New Orleans POORBOY
Homeland of Orpheus THRACE
Hoops Hall-of-Famer Thomas ISIAH
Horizontal: Abbr. ACR
Hunt overseas SAFARI
Imagine that IDEA
Incidentally BYTHEBY
Inner: Prefix ENTO
Invitation stipulation BYOB
It's left on a ship PORTSIDE
It's lighter than air AMMONIA
It's more than a stretch FIB
Jerry's partner BEN
Jet locales: Abbr. AFBS
Juilliard deg. MFA
Lemon or orange HUE
Lice and mice, e.g. PLURALS
London's ___ Square SLOANE
Low person on a staff GOFER
Man and ape BIPEDS
Matter of life and death: Abbr. EMER
Musket end? EER
Neighbor of Switz. AUS
Not on good terms (with) INBAD
Numerical prefix OCTA
Old theaters once owned by Howard Hughes RKOS
One living month to month, say LESSEE
Overdoes the accolades GUSHES
Overhead shot SMASH
Parting words ADIEUS
Pellet shooters BBGUNS
Periods between Winter and Summer Olympics BIENNIA
Philly money maker USMINT
Pigeon SAP
Play with machines RUR
Power source ENGINE
Pro ___ TEM
Promising words OATHS
Question to a paralegal? WHERESTHEBRIEF
Red Sox franchise? BRANDINBOSTON
Rhythm BEAT
Science of the ear OTOLOGY
Score the winning point in cribbage PEGOUT
Silicone implant companies? BREASTSELLERS
Singing partner of Brooks DUNN
Site of two ecumenical councils NICAEA
Slightly above average CPLUS
Sobieski who played Joan of Arc LEELEE
Some batteries AAS
Sound on classic Pong BLIP
Stand for things ETAGERE
Start of some choice words? EENY
Suffix with social ITE
Sure target ODOR
Symbol on the back of a dollar bill EYE
Three-time Masters winner Nick FALDO
Timeless, in verse ETERNE
Twist TURN
U.S.N. officers CDRS
Uffizi Gallery hanging ARTE
Uncommon blood type, informally ANEG
Underwater trap EELPOT
Useful advice for a ring referee? KEEPYOUREYEONTHEBRAWL
Vicks nasal decongestant SINEX
Warning sign outside of Br'er Rabbit's home? BRIERBEWARE
Weeks in Madrid SEMANAS
What if, informally SPOSE
Wind in a pit OBOE
With the intent SOAS
Wrap around the neck BOA
___ Bing! (go-go bar on 'The Sopranos') BADA
___ Davis, first African-American to win a Heisman ERNIE
___ Sea, west of New Zealand TASMAN
___ Sutra KAMA
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