How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 07 2009

'A Tale of Love and Darkness' author, 2003 AMOSOZ
'Damn Yankees' chorister SENATOR
'Doctor Faustus' character LUCIFER
'Down ___' (1967 Janis Joplin song) ONME
'Little Diane' singer, 1962 DION
'Oh, I don't know' GEE
'That's really cheap!' ITSASTEAL
'The Bungalow Mystery' solver NANCYDREW
1805 Napoleonic victory site ULM
A slew RAFTS
Appeal from a diplomat DEMARCHE
Artist Rembrandt PEALE
As different as night and day, e.g. CLICHE
Baby WEE
Base of a column SUM
Cadaverous PALE
Casting option FLYROD
Cheyenne Kid portrayer LARUE
Chinese meditative practice QIGONG
Dancer in a suite ANITRA
Dead ringer? KNELL
Don Quixote type ROMANTIC
Dull blue-gray SLATY
En ___ (by the rules: Fr.) REGLE
English sculptor Henry MOORE
Flagitious VILE
Flivver CRATE
Flushed RED
Four-note chord TETRAD
Hard-hit line drive SCORCHER
Harem slave ODALISQUE
Harmonize AGREE
Hubbub ROAR
Insubstantial FROTHY
It may be found near a drain EDDY
Landlocked Muslim land MALI
Like some friends FAST
Liqueur reputedly named for a noblewoman's chambermaid TIAMARIA
Local operation? UNIONSHOP
Lopsided WRY
Low finish? SHOESHINE
Mississippi river named by La Salle YAZOO
Music genre of the English Beat and the Specials SKA
Not at all fair STORMY
Not likely to go with the flow ATANCHOR
Partygoer GUEST
Peter who wrote 'Underboss' MAAS
Ready to move SALABLE
Reluctantly accept GIVEWAYTO
Remark from a draft dodger? BRRR
Reshape MODIFY
See 55-Across HART
Single shot PELLET
Sink SET
Squarely SPANG
Strauss heroine from classical myth ARIADNE
The first complete navigation of the Amazon was in search of this ELDORADO
The Who's 'Live at ___,' 1970 double-platinum album LEEDS
Wall-plastering material LOAM
Well-armed predators? OCTOPI
West Coast N.F.L.'er NINER
Where Aldous Huxley taught George Orwell ETON
With 52-Across, lead female role in TV's 'Peter Gunn' EDIE
World capital at the foot of Mount Vitosha SOFIA
___ blue, color named after a first daughter ALICE
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