How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 07 1999

'Barnaby Jones' actor EBSEN
'Good Stykeeping' award? SQUEALOFAPPROVAL
'Great shot!' NICE
'Le Bestiaire' artist Dufy RAOUL
'Middlemarch' author ELIOT
'Socrate' composer SATIE
'The ___ Identity' (Ludlum novel) BOURNE
'Uncle Vanya' woman ELENA
'___ boy!' ITSA
91-Across ender EASTER
Actor Dennis QUAID
Anne Nichols hero ABIE
Any ship SHE
Appear SEEM
Apples, e.g. POMES
Application blank info AGE
Be firm INSIST
Befuddled ATSEA
Biblical land of riches OPHIR
Biblical particle? NOAHSQUARK
Big bills THOUS
Big Indian RAJA
Blue-book filler ESSAY
Bring back to life, in a way ZOMBIFY
Burst into laughter BROKEUP
Certain bond, for short MUNI
Chew the rag YAK
City named for an Indian tribe OMAHA
Classified listings: Abbr. APTS
Clear, in a way DEFOG
Coarse-grained CRASS
Comedian Poundstone PAULA
Complex division UNIT
Containers of gourmet ice cream? FINEQUARTS
Court org. USLTA
Cracked open AJAR
Cut down SLAY
Defeat WORST
Diner sign EATS
Divert AMUSE
Doozy ONER
Dull routine ROTE
Eat like ___ APIG
Elhi orgs. PTAS
Encourages ABETS
Espied, to Tweety TAW
Express doubt about QUERY
Extra-wide EEEE
Far from ruddy ASHY
Fast time? LENT
Feeling ill, simply put? QUEASYASONETWOTHREE
Financial backer ANGEL
Franklin and Jefferson, for two DEISTS
Frère's sibling SOEUR
Fumbles for words HAWS
Garlicky dish SCAMPI
Gem symbolizing the soul SCARAB
Georgia Senator until 1997 NUNN
Here, elsewhere ICI
Humped ox ZEBU
Injection reactions, maybe OWS
Instruments from 119-Across UKES
It makes men mean ANA
Jolly old chap BRIT
Kachina doll carver HOPI
Kind of dispenser PEZ
Kind of jacket MAO
Light hue AQUA
Like some roofs EAVED
Logician's abbr. QED
Lucky strike TROVE
Maker of the Amigo S.U.V. ISUZU
March Madness org. NCAA
Maze runner RAT
McCarthy's quarry REDS
Methuselah's father ENOCH
Narrow margin of victory NOSE
Nascar broadcaster ESPN
Never, in Nuremberg NIE
Nickers? RAZORS
Not up ABED
Numeral in a Uris title VII
Oast filler MALT
Onetime lottery org. SSS
Oppenheimer development ABOMB
Oscar-winning actress Miyoshi UMEKI
Pizzeria order SLICE
Plow puller TEAM
Poet Doolittle HILDA
Pol's concern IMAGE
Popular analgesic ALEVE
Priests LAMAS
Princess of Nintendo games ZELDA
Pueblo builders ZUNIS
Recruits, in a way HEADHUNTS
Regulars' requests USUALS
Regulatory org. since 1958 FAA
Related TOLD
Relative of a mandolin LUTE
Report from a Pamplona beer bash? THEBASQUESARELOADED
Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Le ___ d'Or' COQ
Rock's Reed LOU
Romeo's rival PARIS
Root beer brand BARQS
Sanctuary HAVEN
Sauce style BARBQ
Scottish ___ GAELIC
Second sight ESP
Set free UNTIE
Shoot for AIMAT
Shred RIP
Simps' syllables DUHS
Singer DiFranco ANI
Some are wicked LAMPS
Souvenir buys TEES
Stare, like a tourist GAWK
Stiff hairs SETAE
Stop listening, with 'out' ZONE
Symbol of authority BADGE
Terrified ones TREMBLERS
The 'so few' of 1940: Abbr. RAF
The King of Egypt sings in it AIDA
The Sandwich Islands, today HAWAII
They may come from Qom IRANIS
Three-time Wimbledon winner EVERT
Thumbs-down reactions NOES
Thundering AROAR
Timex competitor CASIO
Townie LOCAL
Troy Aikman's alma mater UCLA
Understudies for a star of 'The Piano'? PAQUINRELIEVERS
Uneasy feeling regarding have-nots? QUALMSFORTHEPOOR
Unser Jr. and Sr. ALS
Véronique, e.g.: Abbr. STE
Where Windsor is: Abbr. ONT
Whup TAN
Wild place? WEST
Wrist-radio wearer TRACY
Yellowfin, e.g. TUNA
Zimbabwe's capital HARARE
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