How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 05 2018

'For Your Eyes Only' singer Easton sheena
'Grab this!' takeit
'Look what I found!' oho
'On your mark, get ___ ...' set
'Very funny!' haha
2,000 pounds ton
2016 Olympics host, informally rio
500 sheets of paper ream
Amusement park ride that goes around and around carousel
Apple desktop imac
As originally placed insitu
Attaches using string tieson
Before, poetically ere
Besides also
Breakfast cereal with a naval officer on its box capncrunch
Brittle, spicy cookie gingersnap
Broadcast news snippets ... or an apt description for 17-, 28- and 46-Across? soundbites
Care provider, briefly hmo
Category for a minor-league team classa
Chocolaty candy on a stick tootsiepop
Christmas stealer in a Dr. Seuss book grinch
Constantly rising things in gentrifying neighborhoods rents
Container for soup or cereal bowl
Core belief tenet
Danny who co-starred in 'White Christmas' kaye
Desertlike arid
Dissolute sort roue
Duck's habitat pond
Easy-to-chew food pap
Endless, in poetry eterne
Eye layer uvea
Foul mood snit
Fuss in front of the mirror preen
Grand-scale production epic
Growth under the skin cyst
Guard at an entrance gateman
Helps reduce the swelling of, say ices
Hilarious person riot
Hitter's turn to hit atbat
Hush-hush, slangily onthedl
Incendiary weapon used in the Vietnam War napalm
It ends with diciembre ano
Italian designer Giorgio armani
Length x width, for a rectangle area
Long-winded sort gasbag
Love, love, love adore
Make red-faced abash
Meyers of late-night seth
Most mammals have four of them legs
Mother canonized in 2016 teresa
On top of over
Plan going forward, as for peace roadmap
Poem of praise ode
Pulsate, as with pain throb
Put through a blast furnace, say smelt
Rap, by another name hiphop
Realtors' showings homes
Rope-a-dope boxer ali
Slangy refusal nope
Slice from a book? papercut
Stadiums arenas
Step on a ladder rung
The 'B' of F.B.I bureau
Tit for ___ tat
Two marks in 'résumés' accents
Unflattering angle of one's face badside
Unfunny, as a joke lame
Unknown author, for short anon
Water spigots taps
What a red traffic light means stop
Where Hartford is: Abbr conn
Withdraw gradually (from) wean
___ acid (protein builder) amino
___ buddy bosom
___ Krabappel, teacher on 'The Simpsons' edna
___-relief bas
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