How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 05 2010

'Dinner's ___' ONME
'Star Wars' name ANAKIN
'Way to be, man!' ROCKON
'You played well' GOODGAME
Actor Roger REES
Approved, as a contract INKED
As an example FORONE
Bundles of bound quarks NUCLEONS
Came out of a hole, say EMERGED
City that's home to Parliament Hill OTTAWA
Coin with a hole in it KRONE
Continues, as a band PLAYSON
Early film star who wore lipstick in the shape of a heart CLARABOW
Extremely touching? ENDTOEND
Farm shelter COTE
Fish whose male carries the eggs SEAHORSE
Food writer Nigella LAWSON
Go too far OVERDO
Goes it alone FLIESSOLO
Hard to discern FAINT
Has a service break? TAKESTEA
House of prayer SHUL
Iberian city that lends its name to a variety of wine OPORTO
In addition YET
It's not useful in a long shot situation NINEIRON
Its first two vols. covered 43-Across OED
Junk vehicles SCOWS
Like rulers GRADUATED
Litter pickup place? PETSTORE
Maryland's historic ___ Creek ANTIETAM
Measures of volume SONES
Member of a campaign staff MARKETER
Mint NEW
National Wear Red Day mo. FEB
Non-union? UNWED
Not accidental MEANT
Noted TV twins OLSENS
One in an outfit WEARER
Peculiar: Prefix IDIO
Pin in a hole RIVET
Produce BEGET
Reqmt. for giving someone the third degree? DISS
Runs up INCURS
See 23-Across LOADED
See 37-Across ABC
Severe sales restriction, informally ONEPER
Solicited ASKED
Some compact light sources DIODES
Something from which something else is taken away MINUEND
South's declaration, perhaps IPASS
Spirited response? RAP
Starting point? ONBUTTON
Subject of a 1980s surrogacy case BABYM
Suggest for the future BODE
Sweltered BAKED
Things that pop up annoyingly ADS
Top-level commands, collectively MAINMENU
Toronto landmark CNTOWER
Try to fit a square peg in a round hole, e.g. ERR
With 8-Down, takes a lot of shots, say GETS
Worker with street smarts? PAVER
[Bo-o-o-oring!] SNORE
___ B (first step) ATO
___ Farm, setting for a George Orwell story MANOR
___ hole GAPING
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