How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 04 2010

'Charlotte's Web' girl FERN
'That's of little importance' NOMATTER
'Thou ___ I have more flesh than another man': Falstaff SEEST
'We know drama' channel TNT
1940s British P.M. ATTLEE
1957 hit for the Bobbettes MRLEE
33-Down's group, with 'the' SUPREMES
Airport need RADAR
Album half SIDEA
Alley behind a bar on TV? KIRSTIE
Almond or pecan TREE
Assistant played by Charles Bronson in 'House of Wax' IGOR
Await PEND
Batting helmet feature EARH
Below-ground sanctuary FOXH
Big ones can impede progress EGOS
Can't stand DETEST
Check writer PAYER
Command agreement AYESIR
Conflicted TORN
Drama set in Las Vegas CSI
End of a perfect Sunday drive? HINONE
Feature of many a ballroom dance DIP
Features of homemade cameras PINHS
Feigns ignorance ACTSNAIVE
Fence builder's starting point POSTH
Filthy place RATH
French eleven ONZE
Game item usually seen upside-down HCARD
Game played on a world map RISK
Grill QUIZ
Higher ground UPLAND
I.R.S. 1040 line item IRA
Impulse path AXON
Is of ___ (helps) USETO
Jim Beam product RYE
Kitchen tool PARER
Lifesavers, say HEROES
Light-blocking OPAQUE
Like a quidnunc NOSY
Like some patches IRONEDON
Like the Paris Opera ORNATE
Montréal or Québec NOM
No longer interested in OVER
Office device appropriate for this puzzle? HPUNCH
One half of an old comedy duo DESI
Ones who sleep soundly? SNORERS
Out of service?: Abbr. RET
Part of a home security system? LIEN
Parts of masks EYEHS
Photography aid TRIPOD
Physicist Bohr NIELS
Play ___ (perform some songs) ASET
Portable info-storing devices PDAS
Pre-schoolers? ROE
Prefix with valent AMBI
Quick outing for Tiger Woods ... or what this completed puzzle contains NINEHS
Road hazards POTHS
Role for which Marion Cotillard won a 2007 Best Actress Oscar PIAF
Rte. suggester AAA
Seal's opening? AIRH
See 49-Across DIANAROSS
Setting for many a fairy tale CASTLE
Small doses may come in them DROPPERS
Some Windows systems NTS
Space under a desk KNEEH
Substitute PROXY
The Cutty Sark, for one CLIPPER
They might give each French kisses AMIS
They're drafted for service OXEN
Times in classifieds AMS
Topographical feature formed by underground erosion SINKH
Undecided: Abbr. TBA
Vest feature ARMH
Violin cutouts FHS
Way to get around something LOOPH
What a peeper uses to peep SPYH
Window dressing DRAPERY
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