How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 04 2002

'The Firm' author GRISHAM
'To ___ is human ...' ERR
'Welcome' sites MATS
Actresses Arthur and Benaderet BEAS
Alan of 'Growing Pains' THICKE
Alarm clock setting, perhaps SIXAM
Animal in a mass migration LEMMING
Attention-getter PSST
Author unknown, for short ANON
Beginner, slangily NEWBIE
Boutonniere's place LAPEL
Chowed down ATE
Click and clack, e.g. NOISES
Close to personally INWITH
Come to terms AGREE
Companion of the id EGO
Computer command SAVE
Conclusion's opposite INTRO
Conjure up EVOKE
Corned beef concoction HASH
Corrida de ___ (bullfight) TOROS
Deliver a tirade RANT
Diarist Samuel PEPYS
Dryly humorous WRY
Errand runner GOFER
ET's craft UFO
Famous slasher film? ZORRO
Feed lines to CUE
Finds the sum ADDS
Gasteyer of 'Saturday Night Live' ANA
Got wind of HEARD
Gratis FREE
Gullible person SAP
Hamburger unit PATTY
Haunted house sound MOAN
Hi-fi component AMP
Indian corn MAIZE
Keebler cookie maker ELF
Kind of rally or talk PEP
Leg bone TIBIA
List-shortening abbr. ETAL
Lively PERT
Made a smooth transition SEGUED
Major airports HUBS
Marvel superheroes XMEN
Math class figures MODES
Memo starter INRE
Mideast canal SUEZ
Modern surgical tool LASER
Narrow strip of land ISTHMUS
Nature's alarm clock ROOSTER
Neighborhood AREA
Not all SOME
Oliver's request MORE
Palestinian leader ARAFAT
Praiseful poems ODES
Put away STOW
Roll call response HERE
Seeks money damages from SUES
Siestas NAPS
Small amount IOTA
St. Francis's home ASSISI
Start of a play ACTI
Survey choice OTHER
They cook up whoppers LIARS
They're worth 1 or 11 points ACES
Third degree? PHD
Tony winner Minnelli LIZA
Town meeting site COMMUNITYCENTER
Underground conduit SEWER
Unwanted e-mail SPAM
Unwelcome mark SCAR
Upturned, as a box ONEND
Wedding party member USHER
What straphangers lack SEATS
With no assurance of payment ONSPEC
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