How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 03 1997

'Damn Yankees' temptress LOLA
'Dies ___' (hymn) IRAE
'Fudge!' RATS
'Mourning Becomes Electra' playwright ONEILL
'Puttin' on the ___' (Berlin classic) RITZ
'Toreador Song,' e.g., in 'Carmen' ARIA
'Yo!' HEY
87 or 93 at the pump OCTANE
An American, to a Brit YANK
Anger IRE
Artist Matisse HENRI
Back talk SASS
Brazilian airline VARIG
Bring home the bacon EARN
Cartoonist Gross MILT
Catchall abbr. ETAL
Cheerleaders' cheers RAHS
Chili con ___ CARNE
Completely foreign ALIEN
Concerning INRE
Customs officer's concern SMUGGLING
Director Burton or Robbins TIM
Early part of the day MORN
Elliot, of the Mamas and the Papas CASS
First Chief Justice John JAY
Freight CARGO
French mathematician Blaise PASCAL
Go on a hunger strike STARVE
Go up against OPPOSE
Graduation month JUNE
High-hats SNOOTS
Hwy. RTE
Italian man UOMO
Jai ___ ALAI
Joshes KIDS
Knight's protection ARMOR
Knock out, as with a remote ZAP
Lacking strength WEAK
Like certain seals EARED
Mailing ctrs. POS
Marco Polo crossed it ASIA
Martial arts expert Bruce LEE
Men's room sign GENTS
Metal refuse SLAG
Muslim's destination MECCA
Official proceedings ACTA
Opposite of rich POOR
Outcast PARIAH
Ownership document DEED
Pilfer STEAL
Poi ingredient TARO
Pond covering ALGAE
Predicament SCRAPE
Red, white and blue team USA
River to the Rhône SAONE
Rope material HEMP
Roseanne's ex TOMARNOLD
Ship's staff CREW
Singer Reese DELLA
Spanish rivers RIOS
Stored, with 'away' SALTED
Stovetop item POT
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Uproar RIOT
Use Rollerblades SKATE
Vasco da ___ GAMA
Watering holes SPAS
Where some shoes are made ANVILS
Writer Anais NIN
Years, in old Rome ANNI
___ Cruces, N.M. LAS
___ diem (seize the day) CARPE
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