How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 01 2018

'Cool beans!' retags
'See ya!' tata
'The Thin Man' role dad
*Branded candy with multicolored beans jbelly
*Idiom meaning 'guaranteed' tea
*Mr. Moneybags fcat
*Small talk nora
*Sound of little feet piatter
*Tycho Brahe contemporary galileo
*Woman's young lover, in slang neve
3.3, give or take bplus
A lot loads
Ability aptitude
Actress Campbell piano
Add to in haste slapon
Admitted letoin
Bond girl in 2006's 'Casino Royale' evagreen
Bossed around ddt
Bridge player's combo tenace
Cary of 'The Princess Bride' ahead
Chief agricultural export of Kenya end
Close follower of a team? plow
Corrects, as an ID on Facebook elwes
Custom-fit tailor
Debugging aid? tierod
Deprive of courage unman
Did one leg of a triathlon ran
Dr. Seuss' real surname erte
Explorer whose name is a sport polo
Figure seen on the National Mall, informally abe
Frank Herbert's 'Dune' series, e.g saga
Frigid icy
Girl in the fam schmo
Groups on Noah's Ark twos
Ink stain, e.g blobt
Leapt hectored
Like sandals toeless
Loser geisel
Louver feature sliat
McGillin's ___ Ale House (historic Philadelphia tavern) olde
Neighbor of Tonga miacro
Nocturnal affliction apnea
One who might explain the birds and the bees mare
One-named French designer golop
Part of a steering system enrapt
Pet form of José pepe
Picking up things? esp
Prefix with economics chiatter
Richly luxurious plush
River past Orsk and Orenburg ural
Rush sprang
Scoundrel, in Britain samoa
Scratch, say fclaw
Sea of Tranquillity, e.g odor
Shade of deep purple eggplant
Snake genus, or one of its members boa
Solidarity leader Walesa lech
Something you must be willing to leave? estate
Sphere realm
Staple of ragtime music rotter
Sticky stuff asgoold
Take a flier jbet
Them's the breaks! ads
Tops aone
Up spate
Uses a keyhole, perhaps sis
Visigoth vis-à-vis Rome btoy
What you need to talk to a satellite uplink
What's helpful to a degree? college
Without a downside norisk
Word in many Catholic church names lady
Writing on many a greeting card doggerel
___ Field, former home to the Houston Astros enron
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