How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 01 2015

'Before ___ you go ...' ILET
'Buy it. Sell it. Love it' company EBAY
'Chill!' RELAX
'Damage' director Louis MALLE
'Helm's ___!' (nautical cry) ALEE
'I've heard enough' SPAREME
'My mistake!' OOPS
'Stop kidding yourself' BEREAL
'Try ___ might ...' ASI
'___ she blows!' THAR
1998 Jim Carrey comedy/drama, with 'The' TRUMANSHOW
2014 Emmy-winning miniseries based on a 1996 film FARGO
88-Across + cuatro DOCE
Actor Gulager CLU
After deductions NET
Algebraic input VALUE
Amu Darya outlet, once ARALSEA
Andrews or Dover: Abbr USAFB
Bar mitzvahs, e.g RITES
Big name in printers EPSON
Boasts CROWS
Brazilian tourist destination COPACABANABEACH
Capital of Minorca MAHON
Casino convenience ATM
Catchall abbr ETAL
Certifications in some college apps GEDS
Circuit for Serena and Venus Williams, in brief WTATOUR
City from which Vasco da Gama sailed, to locals LISBOA
Computer data acronym ASCII
Consequences of downsizing JOBCUTS
Cooperated with, e.g HELPED
Crowd sound ROAR
Delta calculation, briefly ETA
Derisive laugh sound HAR
Distilled coal product TAROIL
Does in OFFS
Dr. Seuss environmentalist LORAX
Dump site monitor, for short EPA
Elementary school science class item ANTFARM
Evaluator of flight risks, for short FAA
Expelled politely LEDOUT
Father figures PAS
Fay Vincent's successor as baseball commissioner BUDSELIG
First name in Disney villains CRUELLA
Fix, as a pool cue RETIP
Flowed RAN
Flower girl? ROSE
Follow the advice 'When in Rome ...' ADAPT
Foolish sort SILLYGOOSE
Force under Stalin REDARMY
Furry frolicker OTTER
Get tough HARDEN
Giant image in the sky over Gotham BAT
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Goodie bag filler SWAG
Google SafeSearch target SMUT
Hair extension? IEST
Home of the David Geffen School of Medicine, for short UCLA
Home theater option RCA
Homes for Gila woodpeckers CACTI
Honored academic retiree EMERITA
Hothead's response RANT
Indie rock band Yo La ___ TENGO
Info on a parking ticket PLATENUMBER
It contains a lot of balloons COMICBOOK
It might be full of baloney HOAGIE
Junior in the Football Hall of Fame SEAU
Kerry's 2004 running mate EDWARDS
Kind of rock GARAGE
L. Frank Baum princess OZMA
Leo with the 1977 #1 hit 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancing' SAYER
Libertine RAKE
Like black-tie affairs FANCY
Like father, like son? MALE
Like many OPEC nations ARAB
Longtime California senator BARBARABOXER
Look shocked GAPE
Lyme disease transmitter DEERTICK
Macy's, e.g CHAIN
Managed care grps HMOS
Mars : Roman :: ___ : Norse TYR
Marsh birds SORAS
Mete out ALLOT
Minor setback SNAG
More charming NICER
Mrs. McKinley IDA
Mt. Olive offerings DILLS
Nut, basically SEED
One-to-one, e.g TIE
Ones putting on acts MCS
Order from a sports doc MRI
Outdoor sports store REI
Paperless I.R.S. option EFILE
Parseghian of Notre Dame ARA
Part of the biosphere FAUNA
Part of the neck? FRET
Piece of garlic CLOVE
Plain to see WRITLARGE
Pop-up, sometimes ALERT
Primatologist Goodall JANE
Put-down DIS
Rap sheet entry PRIORARREST
Relative of a bug WIRETAP
Search blindly GROPE
Singular LONE
Sleep stages REMS
Some collars ETONS
Something that doesn't follow the letter of the law? MAILFRAUD
Spousal agreement YESDEAR
Staple of a rock band tour BUS
Stick up ROB
Street sign abbr CIR
Suffix with hex- ANE
Suffix with hippo- DROME
Sun Devils' sch ASU
Survey unit HOUSEHOLD
Taipei-to-Seoul dir NNE
Teased JAPED
Tertius planeta from the sun TERRA
The black ball in el juego de billar OCHO
The tiniest bit ONEIOTA
Tip of Italy, once? LIRA
Tolkien beast ORC
Visible S O S FLARE
Voice-controlled device from the world's largest online retailer AMAZONECHO
Weightlifting technique CLEANANDJERK
What a pitching wedge provides LOFT
What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty in 'Peanuts' SIR
What might result from a minor hit DENT
Where Rigel is ORION
World Series of Poker's Vegas home THERIO
Xeric ARID
___ soap BAROF
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