How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 01 1998

'Hurrah!' OLE
'Reflections on Ice-Breaking' poet NASH
'Saving Private Ryan' re-enactment DDAY
'Slither' star CAAN
'The Alienist' author CARR
'___ impressed' IMNOT
1964 Manfred Mann hit SHALALA
Amerind shoe MOC
Amigo PAL
Antipasto ingredient SALAMI
Application datum: Abbr. SSN
Astonish AWE
Auel heroine AYLA
Bahraini, e.g. ARAB
Bar staple SODA
Barely done RARE
Battlefield sorting TRIAGE
Best part LEAD
Blazing AGLARE
Cabinet part, briefly HUD
Campus building HALL
Canoodle PET
Capital of Poland? PEE
Certain grace TACT
Charming scene IDYL
Coca-Cola brand FRESCA
Comment from the fold BAA
Composer Schoenberg ARNOLD
Composition of some sheets ICE
Contemporary of Duchamp ARP
Contract tactic ENDPLAY
Cry after a coin flip IWIN
Decision CALL
Desert dignitary EMIR
Designer Simpson ADELE
Discovery FIND
Earlier form of a word ETYMON
Elephant group? GOP
Emcee will never be forgotten? HOSTEVERSHALLENDURE
Emerald and ruby HUES
English Channel feeder AVON
Explorer Amundsen ROALD
Fashion WAY
Faulkner's ___ Rivers REBA
Fellow fears following strict code of conduct? MANDREADSRIGIDETHIC
First private engineering school in the U.S. RPI
Folkways MORES
Friction reducer OIL
Fullest, slangily MAX
Garbo's 'The Mysterious Lady' co-star NAGEL
German coal-producing region SAAR
German war admiral Karl DONITZ
Giza resident falsifies travel documents? EGYPTIANWARPSVISADATA
Hanks role GUMP
Has to do (with) DEALS
Hash house BEANERY
Have a date EAT
History of short-lived indiscretion made public? BRIEFREDHOTPASTAIRED
Hitchcockian EERIE
Hubris alienates devoted comrades? EGOREPULSESAVIDALLIES
If everything goes wrong ATWORST
Imbue with spiritual awareness ENSOUL
Imminent NEAR
Israel's first U.N. delegate EBAN
It's half the faun GOAT
Jezebel HUSSY
Job legislation estab. in 1973 CETA
Joyful dance HORA
Kamoze of reggae INI
Key word ENTER
Kind of wheel CAM
Kruger National Park terrain VELD
Late riser LIEABED
Let go AXE
Like some glances STOLEN
Like some sports INDOOR
Little or young follower UNS
Made tracks HIED
Make an officer INSTATE
Medallion meat VEAL
Menial PEON
Missive: Abbr. LTR
Montagne's opposite VAL
Mouth part ROOF
Native Israelis SABRAS
Newly made UNAGED
Not 62-Across SAFE
Not 82-Down OUT
Not carried, as a burden UNBORNE
Number next to a plus sign ADDEND
Old Blood and Guts PATTON
Old manuscript marks OBELI
One with a line QUIPPER
Open military conflicts HOTWARS
Overseas hunt SAFARI
P.D. employee INSP
Part of S.S.S.: Abbr. SYST
Pastoral expanses LEAS
Poet Dove RITA
Prepare to check E-mail, perhaps LOGIN
R-rated STEAMY
Radiator sound SSSS
Ragtime dance ONESTEP
Rising star's insecurity eased by weight loss? DIETHELPSCOMERMANAGE.
Ristorante desserts GELATI
Sandwiches for dessert OREOS
Sci-fi author Lester ___ Rey DEL
See 17-Down HEROES
Seraph of Sèvres ANGE
Shelley's eyes ORBS
Shut off SECLUDE
Sidi ___, Morocco IFNI
Simon Legree TYRANT
Sitters' headaches IMPS
Some are green TEAS
Some platters LPS
Spring addressee, for short IRS
Stevedore LADE
Summer ermines STOATS
Syndicate head DON
The Platters' 'It ___ Right' ISNT
The Wizard's unveiler TOTO
Timothy Leary, to some GURU
Toots HON
Transported ENRAPT
U.S.M.C. one-striper PFC
Wagner's father-in-law LISZT
Was at the forum? ERAT
Where 'Otello' premiered LASCALA
With 98-Down, Oedipus and Willy Loman TRAGIC
Witnesses SEES
Woodstock gear AMPS
Wrigley field? GUM
___ Tunas, Cuba LAS
___-Ashbury (hippie district) HAIGHT
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