How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 31 2019

'... per my reasoning' iassume
'18 honoree, today alum
'Bear with me' onesec
'Everybody has their issues, right?' arentweall
'Gotcha' iseeit
'I wish it weren't so!' alas
'Stand' band, 1989 rem
'You sure about that?' ohreally
+ 1 three
A bajillion many
Abba of Israel eban
An 'A' in physics? ampere
Application of paint coat
Aquatic source of iodine kelp
Argument beef
Can't do it alone needshelp
Chemical group with the formula -OH hydroxyl
Conferral after some two-year programs madegree
Cornball hokey
Creature that might live in a 39-Across forest eel
Didn't go out sathome
English spin
Feature of Algeria and Egypt softg
Flexible pliant
Glassless glasses rims
Green hue jade
Green hue emerald
Greeting that might follow a fist bump brohug
Group of close friends, in modern slang fam
Head of lettuce? cfo
Invasive plant? enemyspy
Its leaves are used for the Hawaiian dish laulau taro
Leave the country secede
Light and graceful airy
Light shower sprinkle
Like some breakfast bars oaty
Likely to take a bite out of one's wallet steep
Longtime head of Duke basketball, to fans coachk
Man's name that's a number in Italian otto
Minus sign lookalike endash
Mission for a Mafia member hitjob
Mounts getson
Not just any the
Not twiddle one's thumbs act
Not-too-bright subordinate stooge
One traditionally dressed in red or green elf
Opposite of bombs aces
Part of a percussion ensemble tympani
Performers who take a lot of heat? fireeaters
Praise that might be dispensed with a treat gooddoggy
Proudly tech-savvy sort ubergeek
Put a stop to? dam
Question from an anxious person whatsnext
River that meets the Colorado at Yuma gila
Shell game? skeet
Singer Sharp with the 1962 hit 'Mashed Potato Time' deedee
Sister company of Peugeot opel
Something a tuning fork has yshape
Something to take in protest knee
Sort of pricing model with multiple tiers freemium
Sports news pro analyst
Stick to one's guns standpat
Thomas Dewey or Hubert Humphrey, notably alsoran
Uncle ___, main role on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' phil
Verbal attack broadside
Verbal attack earful
Verse poesy
What 'mía' means across the Pyrenees amoi
___ bar tend
___ bomb (cocktail) sake
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