How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 30 2012

'Buck Rogers' and others SERIALS
'Give it ___!' AREST
'I'm ___ here!' OUTA
'Is that ___?' ANO
'___ little sugar' (recipe directive) ADDA
63-Across, for one EMCEE
A Barcelona museum is dedicated to his work MIRO
Actor McShane IAN
African capital RABAT
Audibly stunned AGASP
Award for mystery writers EDGAR
Bank printings: Abbr CKS
Biblical land whose name means 'red' in Hebrew EDOM
Bled RAN
Buffalo's Mets-affiliated team BISONS
C&W channel, once TNN
Cake finisher ICER
Catherine I of Russia, e.g TSARINA
Cause to blush, maybe EMBARRASS
Cologne compass point OST
Comfort SOLACE
Complain MOAN
Dada pioneer ARP
Essence BEING
Former Giants QB Phil SIMMS
From what place WHENCE
Funny one CLOWN
Genesis figure ENOS
Giant who swung for the fences OTT
Gold bar INGOT
Grp. on a raid ATF
Heckle, in a way BOO
Hollywood, with 'the' BIZ
In order NEAT
Juicy fruit SLOE
King or queen BED
King or queen TITLE
Labor leader Cesar CHAVEZ
Las Vegas signs NEONS
Late beloved TV personality DICKCLARK
Little squealer? SHOAT
Many a beneficiary SON
Miscalculate ERR
Nanook's home IGLOO
Nasdaq listings: Abbr STKS
Nautical hazard SHOAL
Org. in Robert Ludlum novels CIA
Prefix with flop TERA
Pretend to be ACTAS
Prevailed WON
Right away INASEC
Saloon choices ALES
Sea follower? FARER
See 17-Across AND
See 27-Down SONG
See 40-Across BANDSTAND
Standard batteries AAS
Start of a children's rhyme BAABAA
Subject of a hanging without a trial ART
Theater prize OBIE
Tokyo ties OBIS
Too weighty OBESE
TV sitcom boy who liked to fish OPIE
Understand GET
Vote of approval YEA
With 14-Across, long-running TV show popularized by 63-Across AMERICAN
With 38- and 59-Across, typical opinion about a record on 40-/14-Across ITSGOTAGOODBEAT
With 51-Down, '14-Across Boogie,' on 40-/14-Across THEME
World's Oldest ___ (nickname for 63-Across) TEENAGER
Zoning board issues VARIANCES
___ mail SNAIL
___ many words INSO
___ talks (annual idea conferences) TED
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