How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 29 2016

'As such ...' HENCE
'Enough is enough!' QUITIT
'Hairspray' mom usually played by a man EDNA
'Relax' EASY
'Slow Churned' brand EDYS
'Wowie!' MAN
'You're stuck with me' IMIT
'___ voce poco fa' (Rossini aria) UNA
... a fat Eastern monarch? THEVASTEMPEROR
... a reed and percussion duet? GONGWITHTHEWIND
... a salon woman I go to? MYHAIRLADY
... an éclair or crème brûlée, with 'The'? FRENCHCONFECTION
... cooties from hugs and kisses? GERMSOFENDEARMENT
... fools accompanying a pack of wild animals? DUNCESWITHWOLVES
... gorgeous fur? ABEAUTIFULMINK
... inaudible metrical poetry, with 'The'? SILENCEOFTHEIAMBS
1880s-'90s veep ___ P. Morton LEVI
1988 chart-topping country album REBA
2013 Best Picture nominee in which a main character isn't human HER
60 minuti ORA
A while, in hyperbole AEONS
About 3/4 of a football field ACRE
Airplane part CABIN
Antipasto pairing VINO
Apt anagram of SNAKE SNEAK
Attempt at a dunk tank THROW
Bad sound in a changing room RIP
Benedictine title DOM
Best Picture adaptation about ... a search for the perfect brew, with 'The'? BEERHUNTER
Bit of safari equipment NET
Blender setting MIX
Bridge support TRUSS
Cause of boiling over IRE
Certain fraternity chapter RHO
Chance occurrence, old-style HAP
Chief Theban god AMENRA
Chihuahua greeting HOLA
Chorus line? LAS
College campus offering TOUR
Commission, e.g FEE
Country singer Church ERIC
Daughter in E. M. Forster's 'Howards End' EVIE
Disney Channel's '___ and Maddie' LIV
Dweller along the Mandeb Strait YEMENI
Enlightened Buddhist ARHAT
Equilibrium STASIS
Extended rental? LIMO
G.R.E. takers: Abbr SRS
Game for bankers? POOL
Geisha's accessory OBI
Gillette razor name TRAC
Group standing at the U.N FLAGPOLES
Half of a Vegas show duo PENN
Hightailed it RANLIKEMAD
Hilton alternative OMNI
Honeydew cousins CASABAS
Ice cream order SCOOP
It circles the globe TROPIC
Jet similar to a 747 DCTEN
Juniors, maybe HEIRS
King's handful SCEPTER
Lapel attachment MIC
Leg presses work them QUADS
Like a portrait that seems to be watching you EERIE
Like candied apples GLACE
Like carpaccio or crudités RAW
Like groaners CORNY
Like some sponsorship packages TIERED
Liquor purchase FIFTH
Lit ___ CRIT
Main ingredient in queso relleno EDAM
Merino mother EWE
Metaphorical low point RUT
Modern encyclopedia platform WIKI
Musician's asset EAR
Neighbor ABUT
Neighbor of Irkutsk on a Risk board MONGOLIA
Never, in Nikolaus NIE
Northeast Corridor train ACELA
O.T. book before Jeremiah ISA
Obstacle in road repairs, maybe GASMAIN
Olympian with a bow EROS
One having a ball? DEB
One in a no-blinking contest STARER
One taking a long shot? RIFLE
Part of a city network SEWER
Peaceful protest LIEIN
Peachy NEAT
Peeping Tom's spot SPYHOLE
Penpoint NIB
Photographer's asset EYE
Physicist Nathan who postulated wormholes ROSEN
PIN point ATM
Prefix with spore ENDO
Previously NEE
Psychedelic TRIPPY
Reason for a class struggle? EXAM
Reusable part of a common thank-you gift COOKIETIN
Ring around the collar? LARIAT
River islet AIT
Safari sight? LINK
Sancho Panza, e.g SENOR
Sarge, e.g NONCOM
Sea urchin, at a sushi bar UNI
Second draft REVISION
Set of anecdotes ANA
Shroud PALL
Simon of the 'Mission: Impossible' films PEGG
Singer DiFranco ANI
Spiced teas CHAIS
Spork part TINE
Stand up to DEFY
Step ___ ASIDE
Stethoscope's place CHEST
Successors to Cutlasses ALEROS
Suffix with subsist ENT
The White House's ___ Room EAST
They rank below marquises EARLS
Things zygotes come from OVA
Treat with a 'Golden' variety OREO
TV inits. since 1975 GMA
U.S. women's soccer star Krieger ALI
Vegas-to-Denver dir ENE
Volume measure BEL
War on Poverty agcy OEO
What stars do GLISTEN
Winnower SIEVE
Words before and after 'what' IAM
Writer ___ Stanley Gardner ERLE
___ Drive (street where Harry Potter grew up) PRIVET
___ Heep (Dickens villain) URIAH
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