How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 29 2005

'And ___ bed' SOTO
'Fire!' preceder AIM
'Have ___ day!' ANICE
'I'm working ___!' ONIT
'King David' star, 1985 GERE
'So long!' ADIEU
'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' director Hallström LASSE
100 Cambodian sen RIEL
1983 Lionel Richie hit YOUARE
1990's Ontario premier Bob ___ RAE
A layoff, unpolitely THEAX
Advanced degree? NTH
Anatomical canal ITER
Anchor MOOR
Ancient emblems of royalty ASPS
Aquatic shocker EEL
Asks the Crocodile Hunter a series of questions? INTERVIEWSSTEVEIRWIN
Attorney or heir follower ATLAW
Bad beginning? MAL
Big inits. in overseas broadcasting VOA
Bill's title buddy of film TED
Bing Crosby's 'So ___' DOI
Blockbuster, e.g., starts charging too much? VIDEOSTOREOVERDOESIT
Broadway luminaries? NEONS
Bubkes NIL
Climber's conquest ALP
Clinton's blown it SAX
Clothes line SEAM
Coaster with runners SLED
Come up to NEAR
Compound with double-bonded carbon atoms ENOL
Cords and barrels, e.g. UNITS
Course goal PAR
Delivered BORN
Département head TETE
Derived great pleasure from chastising? YELLEDATELATEDLY
Dickens orphan LITTLENELL
Ditsy L.A. chick in intensive care? GRAVELYILLVALLEYGIRL
Down-and-outer HAVENOT
Dream of Debussy REVE
Drink name suffix ADE
E-mail address component DOT
Émile, par exemple NOM
Exhaust, perhaps VAPOR
Family men UNCLES
Fitness-advocating org. AMA
Friction decreaser OIL
Gets closer to a batch of hooch? HOMESINONMOONSHINE
Glasgow's river CLYDE
Greet, in a way WAVETO
Guarded LEERY
Hamburger's one EIN
In ranks AROW
Inc. workers EDS
Irritation RUB
Is not on the street? AINT
It may be found under a top BRA
It might be found in a stall ENGINE
It's not the final release BETA
Itinerary stopover INN
Jacket material SUEDE
Just so, after 'to' ATEE
Kind of stick POGO
Knock off ICE
Less than outstanding AVERAGE
Level TIER
Lit class reading ODE
Lung problem EMPHYSEMA
Mai ___ TAI
Many a bust RAID
MapQuest request: Abbr. RTE
Massenet opera MANON
Mexican muralist RIVERA
Morales of movies ESAI
More mad DAFTER
More than a bit VERY
Neighbor of Belarus LATVIA
New ___ (certain Nutmegger) HAVENER
Nickelodeon cartoon explorer DORA
No nemesis BOND
Noisy bird JAY
Not sticking out EVEN
Not utopian PRAGMATIC
Novelist McCaffrey ANNE
Obscures FOGS
On the house FORFREE
Originally NEE
Painful combo ONETWO
Palme ___ (prize at Cannes) DOR
Parcels METES
Penn Station abbr. LIRR
Plum part PIT
Polit. designation IND
Postwar poets with camping wounds? SNAKEBITBEATNIKS
Princess Fiona in 'Shrek,' e.g. OGRESS
Project without the band, perhaps SOLORECORD
Receptive OPEN
Response for passage YEA
Returning waves, of sorts ECHO
Right ___ OFWAY
Rocky Mountain state: Abbr. IDA
Rudderposts' places STERNS
Saltimbocca ingredient VEAL
Schedule space SLOT
Sedona maker KIA
See 115-Down JONES
See 13-Down OMENED
Some fancy hotel features ATRIA
Some hangings ART
Somebodies VIPS
Spanish tennis star Carlos MOYA
Spiced tea CHAI
Spleen IRE
Starfleet Academy grad. ENS
Starting cryptogram guess, perhaps ANE
Step face RISER
Suffix with smack EROO
Suggest GETAT
Suggestions INPUT
Sword lilies, for short GLADS
Terminer's partner OYER
They may clear the deck MOPS
Thing, e.g. NOUN
TV host Van Susteren GRETA
Undercover type GMAN
Unpaid debt ARREAR
Weighing down Top 40 artists? OPPRESSINGPOPSINGERS
With 1-Across, 'Delilah' singer TOM
With 93-Down, star-crossed ILL
Woodworker's groove DADO
Wrap (up) SEW
___-i-noor diamond KOH
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