How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 28 2017

'Ain't I sumthin'!' TADA
'Frozen' princess ELSA
'Golly!' BOY
'Hop-o'-My-Thumb' villain OGRE
'Oh, nuts!' POOH
'Pipes' VOICE
'Such is life' ALAS
'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare,' e.g TOME
'Vidi' ISAW
'___ Davis Eyes,' 1981 #1 hit BETTE
1990s tennis phenom SELES
A Wayans brother DAMON
Activewear brand AVIA
Actress Gardner AVA
Ad Council output, for short PSAS
Address not in a phone book URL
Altar approaches NAVES
America's Cup, e.g EWER
And finally: Has divided loyalties SERVESTWOMASTERS
Anticipate EXPECT
Bagel topper LOX
Bank deposit? SNOW
Be swarming (with) TEEM
Begin fighting GOTOWAR
Bellyache KVETCH
Best-selling Canadian singer of all time (with 200+ million record sales) DION
Big figure in Manhattan? RENT
Brooke or Brooks POET
Buddha, for one YOGI
C.E.O. of the Planetary Society starting in 2010 NYE
Character with the aria 'When I am laid in earth' DIDO
Chimpanzee variety BONOBO
Closes ENDS
Company with a lightning bolt in its logo RCA
Conflagration INFERNO
Depletes SAPS
Doo-___ WOP
Doxycycline target ACNE
Drifting sort NOMAD
Duped HAD
Eliot's 'Silas ___' MARNER
Employer of the Bond girl in 'The Spy Who Loved Me,' for short KGB
Family in a computer game SIMS
Figure out DECODE
Follow ENSUE
Grand viziers, e.g PASHAS
Growl like a dog GNAR
Had pants? GASPED
Handle roughly PAW
High-grade cotton PIMA
Hospital opening? STENT
Israeli magazine holders UZIS
It has a noted school of theater, film and television UCLA
It spans 11 time zones ASIA
James who wrote 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' THURBER
Lace TIE
Lee on a set ANG
Like a bronze medalist THIRDBEST
Like minor celebrities DLIST
Little hellions IMPS
Made some calls UMPED
Major before going to B-school, maybe ECON
Many residents of Holmes County, Ohio AMISH
Medieval toiler SERF
More, in ads XTRA
Movie release day, often: Abbr FRI
Musical genre for 'Gangnam Style' KPOP
Napping, so to speak UNAWARE
Navigator's aid STAR
Nonvoting member in the U.S. House of Representatives SAMOAN
Nouveau-Mexique, e.g ETAT
Numbers after a decimal point: Abbr CTS
One crossing the line? SCAB
One thrown for a loop? LASSO
One who's been tapped on the shoulder SIR
Opus ___ DEI
Org. involved in a probe NASA
Ovine : sheep :: cervine : ___ DEER
Part of a musical ACT
Partner of hems HAWS
Pickle brand VLASIC
Pointer for a weather person? VANE
Pope who initiated the First Crusade URBANII
Pound sound ARF
Prefix with second NANO
Prepare to take off TAXI
Pulitzer winner Armantrout and others RAES
Really not O.K MESSEDUP
Recess NOOK
Reciprocal in trigonometry COSECANT
Refusals NOS
Repeal UNDO
Resort in the Wasatch Mountains ALTA
Response that's often repeated AYE
Rules and ___ REGS
Running track part LANE
Scales span them OCTAVES
See 17-Down PER
Shaded growth MOSS
Some G.I. wear, for short CAMO
Some lookout notices, for short APBS
Some money set aside ESCROW
Soprano on TV TONY
Step 2: Make some literary gaffes MIXONESMETAPHORS
Step 3: Devote energy to something hopeless BEATADEADHORSE
Step 4: Be a financial wastrel POURMONEYDOWNTHEDRAIN
Step 5: Look pretty schlubby CUTAPOORFIGURE
Stream coming down a mountain? HOTLAVA
Sundance Film Festival local UTAHN
Talent seekers SCOUTS
Targets of a cleanse TOXINS
Totally believes BUYS
Trump spokesman Spicer SEAN
TV-watching option ONDEMAND
Tweets, e.g POSTS
Undecided, on a sked TBA
Venusian or Jovian ALIEN
Vertical part of a plane YAXIS
West Coast news inits LAT
What 27-, 39-, 56-, 66-, 79- and 96-Across together make up? ARECIPEFORDISASTER
When doubled, a drink with vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice WOO
Where 84-Down is, colloquially SOCAL
Whom Kala reared TARZAN
Wild guess STAB
William who wrote 'The Confessions of Nat Turner' STYRON
With 18-Down, distribution limitation, informally ONE
Without forethought IDLY
Zac of 'Dirty Grandpa' EFRON
Zoology class REPTILES
___ asst EXEC
___ film STAG
___ Picchu MACHU
___ rock GLAM
___-appropriate AGE
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