How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 28 2016

'Get ___!' AGRIP
'Gotcha' SOISEE
'Hot dog!' YIPPEE
'Little Birds' author NIN
'Morning Mood' composer GRIEG
'___ expected ...' ASI
'___ thou no poison mix'd ...?': 'Romeo and Juliet' HADST
11-Down sort SNOB
1960s sitcom matriarch LILYMUNSTER
1999 parody featuring the starship Protector GALAXYQUEST
Beverage made with petals ROSETEA
Bit of fraternity party detritus BEERCAN
Capital of Washington? ONES
Case closer ZIPPER
Decorative skewer for serving hors d'oeuvres ATTELET
Distraught TORNUP
Doing time INSTIR
Entangle SNARLUP
Feature of many decorative vases CUTGLASS
French frozen desserts GLACES
Go back over RETRACE
He said 'You kind of live and die by the serve' PETESAMPRAS
Head overseas? LOO
Heads overseas? TETES
High-and-mighty ELITIST
IBM logo feature STRIPE
Keep informed CUEIN
Like many cheeses and tablets COATED
Like taxes and fines ASSESSED
Lummox ASS
Lummoxes BIGAPES
Manfred succeeded him as baseball commissioner in 2015 SELIG
Marital lead-in PRE
Miss Hungary of 1936, familiarly ZSAZSA
N.F.L. coach Rivera RON
One way to break out INSONG
Opposite of took off DONNED
Pitching aid NINEIRON
Play starters, for short QBS
Provider of more bells and whistles DELUXEMODEL
Repeated words in a multiple-count verdict reading ASTO
Second wife of Einstein ELSA
Shows signs of aging RUSTS
Shut down CEASE
Sights at a Supercharger TESLAS
Smoke screen RUSE
Some 40th-birthday gag gifts CANES
Sound effect in the comic 'B.C.' ZOT
South of Brazil? SUL
Spills inadvertently LETSSLIP
Spot at an airport BLIP
Spruced up NATTY
The marrying kind? PASTOR
Things to blaze PATHS
Time of self-sacrifice LENT
Title brat of kid-lit ELOISE
Title meaning 'majesty' SRI
VW Golf hatchback GTI
Wasn't sure, say HOPED
What 28 states are NATOMEMBERS
What gets broken at a mixer THEICE
When Mex. celebrates Independence Day SEP
[Spoiler alert!] He dies in 'The Force Awakens' HANSOLO
___ Bottling Company (Cleveland fixture for over 85 years) NEHI
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