How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 27 2003

'I did it!' TADA
All the clues in this puzzle do this with 36-Across START
Arranged a dinner at home ATEIN
Arterial trunk AORTA
Azer. or Ukr., once SSR
Cager at the Staples Center LAKER
Calendar's span YEAR
Camera concern FOCUS
Candidate of 1992 and '96 PEROT
Canted ALOP
Capek play RUR
Carl Reiner film 'Where's ___?' POPPA
Cartographers' works MAPS
Catskills resort, e.g. NEWYORKSPA
Coach Parseghian ARA
Coating LAYER
Cola's beginning COCA
Color on the beach TAN
Commotion ADO
Complain FUSS
Component length of 36-Across TWOLETTERS
Computer key ESC
Copperfield's field MAGIC
Corrosive liquids ACIDS
Count of stars on a U.S. flag FIFTY
Decorated Olympian MEDALIST
Dejected SAD
Develop GROW
Flimsy, as an excuse LAME
Flowering shrub LILAC
Flunking marks EFFS
Gaelic ERSE
Gator's relative CROC
Highly graphic GORY
Hint at IMPLY
Incantation beginning ABRA
India ___ INK
Inhabitant of ancient Persia MEDE
Inspire respect AWE
Interstate syst. RDS
Investment firm T. ___ Price ROWE
Large real estate purchase LANDDEAL
Launder ending ETTE
Lavatory sign INUSE
Magazine number ISSUE
Major util. ELEC
Makes lace TATS
Makeup of 18-, 24-, 53- and 64-Across STATEABBRS
Married name modifier NEE
Medicinal amts. TSPS
Medieval Italian fortress city ESTE
Members of Elián González's family, e.g. FLORIDAKIN
Milk a scene for all it's worth EMOTE
Minute bit ATOM
Mission in Texas ALAMO
Mortarboard, e.g. CAP
Nectar-pouring goddess HEBE
Ned who composed 'Air Music' ROREM
Okinawa honorific SAN
Orange or lemon drink ADE
Origin suffix ATOR
Pago Pago's locale SAMOA
Part of a circle ARC
Passports and driver's licenses, for short IDS
Rich source of fossil fuel COALMINE
Risky building to be in FIRETRAP
Scale unit at the post office OUNCE
Schedule position SLOT
Sciences' partner ARTS
Scorch SEAR
Utmost degree NTH
Vanderbilt and Grant AMYS
Walk about with a divining rod DOWSE
Warbler Sumac YMA
Warmish TEPID
Witches' recitations SPELLS
Withdraws SECEDES
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