How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 27 2001

'Fargo' director COEN
'O mio babbino ___' (Puccini aria) CARO
'Rise, Glory, Rise' composer ARNE
'The Addams Family' co-star ASTIN
'The Wah Watusi' singers, with 'the' ORLONS
3.0, e.g. GPA
47-Down airing, today RERUN
Aaron's 2,297 RBIS
Albright's successor at State POWELL
Alt. spelling VAR
Altar constellation ARA
An American in Paris? VISITOR
Another helping SECONDS
Apparent path of the sun ARC
As a matter of fact: Fr. ENFAIT
Asian sleuth's comment AHSO
Balance beam gripper TOE
Basque, e.g. IBERIAN
Big 12 member, briefly OSU
Big foot meas. EEE
Blood donation quantity ONEUNIT
Bolivian export TIN
Bowl outburst RAH
Cartoonist Soglow OTTO
Champion ESPOUSE
Chatroom chuckle LOL
Clinton Cabinet member PENA
Comic Philips EMO
Comic writer who produced this puzzle's quote DANFRENCH
Computer attachment? ESE
Concerning one's coming out? NATAL
Core HUB
Correct, as a manuscript RETYPE
Count Basie's '___ Darlin'' LIL
Covers ground quickly SPRINTS
Decorative bands FRIEZES
Diminutive suffix ULE
Doer in a whodunit PERP
Dog din YAPS
Dreadful DIRE
Dress with folds SARI
Drought-damaged SERE
Early Chinese dynasty HSIA
Early sixth-century date DII
El ___ NINO
Elaine's home, in Arthurian romance ASTOLAT
Electrically versatile ACDC
End of the quote ITSNOTTHATHOT
Extinct plant-eater STEGOSAUR
Ferdinand's first lady IMELDA
Finan. planner's suggestion IRA
First name in architecture EERO
Friday program that was never actually shown on Friday DRAGNET
Fun-loving fishers OTTERS
G3 or G4 computer MAC
Get cozy NESTLE
Ghanaian dialect ASHANTI
Grads.-to-be SRS
Hand over CEDE
Hot spot SPA
Humperdinck heroine GRETEL
It lacks ventral fins EEL
Khrushchev's concern USSR
Kind of shot FLU
Kitchen tubes PASTA
Labor day arrival? SON
Lamb or Bacon AUTHOR
Like some golf balls TEED
Like some modern-day mapping GENOMIC
Lose-lose situations DILEMMAS
Madison Avenue awards CLIOS
Man on un trono REY
Miyoshi ___, Best Supporting Actress winner for 'Sayonara' UMEKI
Mormons: Abbr. LDS
New Haven Ivy Leaguer ELI
Noncarbonated drinks ICETEAS
Not all the same ASSORTED
Noted minority group LEFTIES
One offering a sales incentive REBATER
Org. with a crack staff? DEA
Oz. and mg. WTS
Painter Shahn BEN
Part of some E-mail addresses ORG
Phone trio DEF
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Pilot's hdg. SSE
Plunk (down) PUT
Poet Hughes TED
Polo shirt producer IZOD
Pop music's ___ and the Waves KATRINA
Popeye's alternative, briefly KFC
Prefix with -algia NEUR
Prince, e.g. HEIR
Property recipient ALIENEE
Provide (for) FEND
Quote, part 3 CELSIUS
Quote, part 6 HEREAND
Revelation responses AHAS
Roomy place? INN
Rundown RECAP
See 22-Down DEAF
See 80-Down LADD
Set apart ALLOT
Shake hands with again REGREET
Simple tool user APE
Smart CHIC
Some are kosher DELIS
Some spuds IDAHOS
Spring sight ROSEBUD
Standing on the street? REP
Star Wars inits. SDI
Start of a quote CANYOUIMAGINE
Suffix with game STER
Supermodel Carangi GIA
Swirl EDDY
Thrust after parrying RIPOSTE
Tournament draw SEED
Venusians, e.g. ETS
Very, in Würzburg SEHR
Welding gas ACETYLENE
West Coast summer hrs. PDT
Western group POSSE
When doubled, confidential HUSH
Wiggle room PLAY
Winterize, as an old coat RELINE
With 15-Down, 'This Gun for Hire' star ALAN
With 39-Down, terrible with pitches TONE
With a needle: Prefix ACU
Word on a door PUSH
Wore a hair shirt ATONED
___ nitrate AMYL
___-Magnon CRO
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