How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 26 2019

'Git!' scram
'Interviewer' who asked Buzz Aldrin whether people on the moon were friendly alig
'It depends on my schedule' imight
'Other people,' per Sartre hell
'Our driveway has been incredibly slippery since the storm!'? cantbelievemyice
'The Cherry Orchard' daughter anya
'The Wizard of Oz' composer Harold arlen
'___ miracle!' itsa
1979 World Series opponent of the 75-Across oriole
1979 World Series opponents of the 63-Downs pirates
3-D measurement: Abbr vol
ABCs rudiments
Actor with a famous side kick brucelee
Actress Glazer of 'Broad City' ilana
Additionally also
Agua source rio
Alternative to café the
Animal with a prehensile snout tapir
Anything but basic acid
Arafat's grp plo
Atomic clock timekeeper maser
Author of the 2018 best seller 'Becoming' obama
Away notin
Axes fires
Big-spending demographic group yuppies
Blend merge
Blender sound whir
Blue material denim
Bond film staple chase
Born nee
Brew made from apples hardcider
Bugs and Thumper rabbits
Camper without a camper, say tenter
Cellphone user's choice dataplan
Class with drills shop
Coat-of-arms border orle
Competitive video gaming esports
Country music's ___ Young Band eli
Crack stab
Cry too much, say emote
Curmudgeon crab
Custodian's need mop
Dr.'s order med
Draw tie
Easy question to answer gimme
End of an ___ era
Extension of a chicken breast ribmeat
Facebook friends weighing in on the new belly button ring? juryofyourpierce
Famed acting coach Stella adler
Family nickname grannie
Famous grouch oscar
Famous Musketeer athos
Final scene of 'Antony and Cleopatra'? hissandhearse
Fish dish scrod
Fish tank film algae
Flat pancake filling? asa
Gawk at ogle
Get the job done seetoit
Glowing reminder ember
Good thing coming to those who wait tip
Greatest hits opener bestof
Group of mountains massif
Gymnast Korbut olga
Hat for un artiste beret
Heed obey
Hoarse raspy
Honda line acura
Houston university rice
Ice cream eponym edy
Illusory illustration opart
It may be carried by the wind aroma
It routinely goes off when you're out alarm
Jacques of French comedy tati
Job in media editor
Katniss's partner in 'The Hunger Games' peeta
Klutz oaf
L'eggs brand bikini? twopieceinapod
Lake in 'Casino Royale' como
Latin quarter barrio
Like a confirmed peacenik? downonallforce
Like a sick baby? warmandfussy
Like the Kardashians, ethnically armenian
Loud forte
Loudly commend applaud
Main line aorta
Marshal at Waterloo ney
Mideast capital amman
Mideast land oman
Mideast land: Abbr uae
Milk from una vaca leche
Mother-of-pearl nacre
Mozart's '___ Pastore' ilre
Mythical hunter diana
NATO alphabet 'E' echo
Nestle spoon
New-joint joint? rehab
Nickname of a 2010s pop idol, with 'the' bieb
One into jive hepcat
Parent's fervent prayer to the school nurse? tellmenolice
Part of a long travel day, maybe layover
Permit allow
Physics unit ohm
Pin number? ten
Pioneer in color TV rca
Police dept. alerts apbs
Princess who makes a plea via a hologram leia
Printer brand epson
Provide essential info to brief
Puzzling cryptic
Ram dam ewe
Reinforces, as convictions deepens
Relative of Inc ltd
Scientific inquiry? how
Scrape abrasion
Seethe fume
Seneca, philosophically stoic
Shambles mess
Shaw of 1930s-'40s swing artie
Shock jock Don imus
Singer Sumac yma
Slinky swimmers eels
Small iPods nanos
Sound on Old MacDonald's farm neigh
South end? ern
Speak lovingly coo
Stick on a Christmas tree candycane
Stiller's comic partner meara
Stitches sews
Swimmer Torres with 12 Olympic medals dara
Teases ragson
Title role in a Christmas opera amahl
Tortilla española ingredient huevo
Training wheels? railcar
Typical fan of Dick Clark's 'American Bandstand' teener
Valerie Harper title role rhoda
Vanilla bland
When something goes live startdate
Woodwind category reed
___ Nostra cosa
___ vu deja
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