How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 26 2004

'Parent' of 17-Across CUNARD
'Sister' of 17-Across, familiarly QET
'Well, ___ here!' LOOKIE
17-Across, e.g. HER
17-Across, e.g. SHE
17-Across, for one OCEANLINER
17-Across, for one CRUISESHIP
1917 revolution casualty TSAR
A in Paris UNE
Adjective for 17-Across LARGEST
Adjective for 17-Across WIDEST
Adjective for 17-Across LONGEST
Aid by being a lookout, e.g. ABET
Astra maker OPEL
Be ready for AWAIT
Be suspended DANGLE
Berne's river AAR
Bled RAN
Book jacket writing BLURB
Capital of St. Kitts, visited regularly by 17-Across BASSETERRE
City in a Peter Allen song title RIO
Coffee server URN
Congregation members LAITY
Conservative Brit TORY
Declare ASSERT
Dock site SHORE
Extras in 'The Mexican' BANDITOS
Farm female EWE
Flippant SASSY
Forehead BROW
Foreman's locale? RING
Former World Cup star PELE
Goose egg NIL
Grate on IRK
Hibernian's land EIRE
Hunt in Hollywood LINDA
Imparts LENDS
Important times ERAS
In ___ (stuck) ARUT
Jazzman CAT
Kind of steward SHOP
Law partner? ORDER
Lift off RISE
Lived WERE
Match play? ARSON
Mineral suffix ITE
Monopoly avenue ORIENTAL
Monroe, for one BLONDE
N.B.A. nickname SHAQ
Noted arrival of 2004 QUEENMARYT
Nutritionist's abbr. RDA
Olympics event EPEE
Parched ARID
Part of ATV ALL
Place LIEU
Plain place to live? TEPEE
R-V connection? STU
Salt ___ LICK
Seasoned RIPE
See 52-Across RED
Shooting sport SKEET
Sign INK
Small hooters OWLETS
Some movies: Abbr. SEQS
Take care of HANDLE
They're sometimes put on AIRS
Tool sharpeners OILSTONES
Tropical tuber TARO
Verdi aria ERITU
With 51-Across, get mad SEE
___ Khan ALY
___ law (early Germanic legal code) SALIC
___ poem TONE
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