How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 26 2001

'Out of Africa' director POLLACK
A bit, colloquially SORTA
Accept recognition TAKEABOW
Accepts responsibility FACESIT
Alphabetical run CDE
Ark site after the conquest of Canaan SHILOH
Aura, slangily VIBES
Bambi's aunt ENA
Be off ERR
Build up ENHANCE
Casual wear DENIMS
Censor's concern SMUT
Closefisted type PIKER
Course often taught by volunteers: Abbr. ESL
Crown PATE
Daughter of Tethys, in myth OCEANID
Detritus REMAINS
Dilettantes DABBLERS
Early Iroquois foes ERIES
Essence SOUL
First name in 50's TV DESI
Fleet runner: Abbr. ADM
Friend of Richard I, in fiction IVANHOE
German reunifier KOHL
Get ready to drive TEEUP
Go this way and that SLALOM
Go very slowly OOZE
His, in old Rome AVES
Hypothyroidism preventer IODINE
Impetuously, maybe ONADARE
Instantly INATRICE
Insurer's concern FIRETRAP
Kind of tradition ORAL
Known to be in working order TESTED
Lab service: Abbr. ENL
Like an undistinguished hotel ONESTAR
Like certain math operations UNARY
Like some flaps GUMMED
Like some truths STRETCHED
Lodge opening? ECONO
Made some new connections REWIRED
Not on the level? PITCHED
Old science lab equipment ETNAS
One-piece garment: Var. SAREE
Patricia Hearst, e.g. HEIRESS
Plastered LIT
Radio components PREAMPS
Railway tower, in England SIGNALBOX
Scope KEN
Scotland coronation site until 1651 SCONE
Season at a café ETE
Sets of numbers MEDLEYS
Singer Anita ODAY
Squirters SYRINGES
Stickers BURS
Street noise TOOTING
Tangy drink LIMEADE
They may be overhead CAMS
They're hard to get out of RUTS
Torrents DELUGES
Work (out) HASH
Yahoo LOUT
___ cross TAU
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