How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 25 2014

'... so long ___ both shall live?' ASYE
'12 or '13, now ALUM
'Appointment in Samarra' novelist OHARA
'Don't be a ___!' HERO
'Spamalot' writer and lyricist ERICIDLE
'Star Wars' furball EWOK
'The Canterbury Tales' inn TABARD
'The Rapture of Canaan' author Reynolds SHERI
'The Tempest' spirit ARIEL
'___ Love,' 1987 LL Cool J hit INEED
1956 Gregory Peck role AHAB
A musical might be on one TOUR
Actress ___ Dawn Chong RAE
Admit (to) COP
Aplomb POISE
Balkan capital SOFIA
Berth SLIP
Big band's booking ARENA
Big name in barbecue grills WEBER
Blemished MARRED
Building needs, informally SPECS
Calculus calculation SLOPE
Catch ___ (surf) AWAVE
Celebrated FETED
Certain back-scratcher LOOFA
Clear-cuts, e.g DENUDES
Cobbler's heirloom? AWLINTHEFAMILY
Comes to pass, old-style HAPS
Comment upon heading off AWAYWEGO
Conciliatory gesture SOP
Confronts ACCOSTS
Correct EMEND
Crime-fighting Eliot NESS
Dealt (with) COPED
Double takes? TWINPEEKS
Dumbstruck duo? THEAWEDCOUPLE
Eke ___ living OUTA
End of un film FIN
Engine booster TURBO
Extra: Abbr ADDL
Fancy wheels, familiarly ROLLS
Features of many kids' place mats MAZES
Ferrell's cheerleading partner on 'S.N.L.' OTERI
Focusing problem, for short ADD
Forward RESEND
Freud disciple Alfred ADLER
Govt. securities TNOTES
Grant Wood portrayal? AMERICANIDYLL
Gutter site EAVE
Hang (over) DRAPE
Having trouble slowing down? BRAKINGBAD
Heavens SKIES
Hieroglyphic symbol ASP
Highlight SALIENCE
Home with a view AERIE
Huskers' targets EARS
Immodest display EGOTRIP
In a hurry RUSHED
Invader of 1066 NORMAN
Jones of jazz NORAH
Kitchen drawer? AROMA
Left open-mouthed, say AGHAST
Legal hearing OYER
Leverage in divorce negotiations? THEEXFILES
Like farmland ARABLE
Like many men's ties STRIPED
Like radon among all gaseous elements HEAVIEST
Makes the connection SEES
Mallard relative TEAL
Maltreated ILLUSED
Marshy lowland SWALE
Mentored, e.g AIDED
Mixologist BARKEEP
Mme.'s cousin SRA
Neighbors of Navajos HOPIS
Neon frame? ENS
Not on point INAPT
Not straight up OVERICE
Off course ASTRAY
One with a home away from home RVER
Oscar nominee for 'The Wrestler' ROURKE
Others, to Ovid ALII
Part of a rainbow INDIGO
Part of an old military alphabet BAKER
Poe poem, with 'The' BELLS
Popped up AROSE
Popular pre-marathon meal PASTA
Puncture preceder ACU
Rear admiral's rear STERN
Relatives of turtles PRALINES
Rent LET
Rest stop convenience, for short ATM
Sale site, maybe YARD
Samsung smartphone GALAXY
Saturated IMBUED
See 49-Down ARMS
See 6-Down TWO
Some lapses ERRATA
Some sites for sightseers RUINS
Sound in a hot tub AAH
Star of reality TV's 'The Girls Next Door,' briefly HEF
Stirred AWOKE
Stoners' memoirs? DAZEOFOURLIVES
Stylist's goop GELEE
Susan of 'L.A. Law' DEY
Taedium vitae ENNUI
Tale of metropolitan religious diversity? SECTSANDTHECITY
Theater opening SCENEI
They're big in barns DOORS
Tight spot in South Florida? MIAMIVISE
Tolerated STOOD
Tropicana Field team RAYS
View from Lake Como ALP
W.W. II invasion site STLO
Wedding sight BRIDE
Wedding site ALTAR
Went from black to red, say DYED
Western followers? POSSE
Whinny NEIGH
Wire service inits UPI
With 10-Down, certain punch ONE
With 47-Down, angry UPIN
Word before or after 'down' PAT
Wrapped (up) SEWN
Yam or turnip ROOT
Yemeni port ADEN
Zero-star movie BOMB
___ Beach, Fla VERO
___ fit HISSY
___ Hawkins Day SADIE
___ New Guinea PAPUA
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