How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 25 1997

'Chicago Hope' setting: Abbr. HOSP
'Hansel and Gretel' role SANDMAN
'Le Comte Ory' composer ROSSINI
'Picnic' playwright's kin INGES
'Snow White' dwarf SLEEPY
'Springtime-fresh' smokes SALEMS
'The Hobbit' hero Baggins BILBO
'The Last Days of Pompeii' heroine IONE
'The Mighty Ducks' star ESTEVEZ
'___ behold!' LOAND
100 agorot SHEKEL
A lot MUCH
Acad. INST
Acting family of TV and film BEERYS
Actress of 'Fame' fame CARA
Adenauer, a k a Der ___ ALTE
Ahab's father OMRI
Anatomical roofs TECTA
Angora, merino, etc. WOOLS
Assail SETAT
Banderillero's target ELTORO
Bar measures: Abbr. OZS
Biblical barterer ESAU
Breathing problem APNEA
Bring to a boil? ENRAGE
Button material NACRE
Character actress Tessie OSHEA
Comeback RIPOSTE
Country rocker Joe et al. ELYS
Cut forage REAP
Cut forests HEW
Diamond and others NEILS
Diamond great RUTH
Do maintenance work on REOIL
Dos cubed OCHO
Driving hazard ALCOHOL
Exudation SEEPAGE
Family man DAD
Fictional Italian town ADANO
Figurative brink EVE
Fills the cracks PUTTIES
Floodgate SLUICE
Founding editor of the O.E.D. MURRAY
Fourfront? TETR
Gateway Arch-itect, to friends EERO
German river EMS
Grammy-winning Ford LITA
Green RAW
Hair applications GELS
Help at the jeweler's? EARRINGAID
How jewelers get absolution? THEYDOPENDANTS
Imparts LENDS
Jersey girl? BOSSY
Jeweler's ultimatum? LOCKETORLUMPIT
Jewelry disaster? CALAMITYCHAIN
Kind of diagram TREE
Land subjugated by 106-Down MOAB
Late-night name OBRIEN
Literary inits. TSE
Mariner's need RADIO
Math class, for short CALC
Mechanical method ROTE
Midwestern jewelry article? CINCINNATIBANGLE.
Mine ___ OWN
More than big OBESE
Mustachioed detective POIROT
Notorious Bugs MORAN
O.T. book ESTH
Opening INTRO
Oscar-winning 'Love Story' composer LAI
Others: Sp. OTRAS
Part of a jeweler's education, with 'the'? BIRDSANDTHEBEADS
Patron of jewelers? SAINTNECKLACE
Peachy-keen NEATO
Perry Como's '___ Loves Mambo' PAPA
Photography supplies DYES
Pippi Longstocking creator Lindgren ASTRID
Platinum item of jewelry? WHITEWATCH
Plugging away ATIT
Popeye's son SWEEPEA
Position STANCE
Possible source of mermaid legends MANATEE
Powers that be INS
Predatory LUPINE
Preference TASTE
Prefix with dactyl PENTA
Pro ___ TEM
Rocket gasket ORING
Roman title EDILE.
Rubbish DROSS
Sal and others MINEOS
Second-oldest country in the Western Hemisphere HAITI
Section of a pas de deux ADAGIO
Shoe-touting bulldog TIGE
Shoot for, with 'to' ASPIRE
Showed disdain SPAT
Skater Harding and others TONYAS
Smudge SPOT
Song words before gal or shadow ANDMY
Sparks on the screen NED
Spinning AREEL
Subjects of planning ESTATES
Super Bowl XXIX winners, informally NINERS
Surprise cries OOHS
Swedish soprano Birgit NILSSON.
Tamperer hamperer SEAL
Tennyson heroine ENID
Tolkien tree creatures ENTS
Tours seasons ETES
Triage team member MEDIC
Tulle's schools ECOLES
Turkish title AGHA
Ugandan with abandon IDI
Washer setting GENTLE.
Where crazy jewels end up? THELOONYPIN
Where heads are put together TOTEM
Wide expanse OCEAN
Wind-up toys? KITES
Wing tips' tips TOES
Word in Morris code? MEOW
Writer Dinesen ISAK
Writer famous for locked-room mysteries CARR
___ Canals SOO
___ depth finder SONIC
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