How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 24 2019

'___ LANDS!' (headline of 1927) lindy
Amenity at many a wedding reception openbar
Backpack and its contents, e.g gear
Be heedful lendanear
Boot oust
Bring discredit upon stain
By ___ of dint
Cartoon character often shown with his tongue out odie
Cold War opponent, informally redchina
Colorful breakfast bowlful trix
Didn't stray from heldto
Do so hope pray
Euphemism for Satan, with 'the' deuce
Exact match twin
F.B.I., e.g agency
Fictional land named in some real-life international law cases ruritania
Gaze at, as someone's eyes stareinto
Get more mileage from reuse
Grp. that no one under 30 can join ussenate
Horse-drawn four-wheeled carriage landau
Inventor of a 17th-century calculator pascal
Jamie ___, co-star in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movies dornan
Kind of jelly royal
La saison de juillet ete
Like the sound of an oboe reedy
London or Manchester writer
Louis ___ (French king) quatorze
Mass movement agnusdei
Modern cause of flooding emails
National Garden Mo apr
Need settling pend
Not moved at all dryeyed
Odds and evens, say bets
One use for a tablet ereader
One way to reduce a sentence etc
Opening of an account asirecall
Over anew
Part of un opéra acte
Passes, informally tix
Passions ardors
Patron of sailors stelmo
Pioneering rocket scientist Wernher von ___ braun
Portion of Alexander Pope's work odes
Presidential middle name abram
Prey for a heron newt
Priciest 1952 Topps baseball card mantle
Reached out with one's hands? texted
Rickrolling or the Dancing Baby, e.g meme
Rum cocktail maitai
Sam Spade, e.g., informally tec
Shabby club dive
Shade of green pea
Shoe brand that's also a man's name aldo
Short shy
Signaled to start cued
So-called 'Grandmother of Europe,' born 5/24/1819 queenvictoria
Some descendants of 62-Acrosses mexicans
Someone glimpsed in a concert film, maybe roadie
Source for fine sweaters alpaca
Star of Broadway's 'The Lady and Her Music,' 1981 horne
Stockpile hoard
Time being nonce
Too fast to be careful slapdash
Tool used while on foot edger
TV series inspired by Sherlock Holmes housemd
Unctuous utterances smarm
URL element slash
What a football penalty may be seen in slomo
Who often says 'I found this on the web' siri
Worshiper of the war god Huitzilopochtli aztec
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